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5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro

5 Tricks to groom your dog

5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro . The dog always needs grooming for cleanliness and good health. But during the period of confinement at home due to the situation of Covid-19. Causing the dog owner unable to take the dog out for a grooming service. Including animal hospitals and pet grooming shops.

This period is a good opportunity. That the dog owner will become a professional in looking after the dog by our self.

What part of the house should we do grooming?

Grooming for dogs can be done anywhere in the house. But choosing a room where dogs can’t run away or can come off. The place should be a place that the dog is able to stand stable and not slipping. Which will help the dog not to be stress while we groom for them.

And for bathing the dog, we recommend choosing a room with close doors to prevent the dog from running away. The water use for bathing should be room temperature water.

Here is 5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro

5 Tricks to groom your dog

1. Always brush their fur

You should brush your dog daily to keep their skin and fur fresh. Especially for dogs with long, double-layer fur, because these dogs will have fur coming off. If not brushing regularly, the hair will become lumpy. Also, for short hair dogs, it is also necessary to brush the fur as well. Which the dog brush will have different styles of hair style and length.

2. Fresh shower

Regular bathing for dogs will keep their skin and hair clean. But be sure the fur of the dog is not matt, because it may cause the shampoo to accumulate. Causing skin irritation and causing a skin disease. Best way is to brush the fur to make the hairs line and removing dirt first for easier bathing.

5 Tricks to groom your dog

3. Clean the eyes

The eyes are an important organ that the owner must look after regularly. If the dog has dirt build up around the eyes, don’t try to trim around the eye area. But use a small piece of cotton ball moistened with water to gently wipe carefully from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Wipes daily to help eliminate and prevent the accumulation of dirt that remains around the eyes as well.

4. Cut nails short

Many people are afraid of cutting nails for dogs, but actually cutting nails is not difficult. Start by examining the dog’s nails regularly. The dog’s nails should cut every 3-6 weeks, depending on the growth of each dog.

An easy way to see if the dog’s nails should be trim or not is you can be seen from the dog standing upright. Their nails should not touch the floor too much. If their dog nails touch the floor or the nail curls are deformed until the dog is unable to balance well. So, we should cut the nails out immediately.

By trimming nails start by observing and checking the dog’s toenails.

Which are divide into 2 distinct layers between the pink flesh and nails that are opaque the pink flesh has many nerves. If cut, this part will cause the dog to hurt. The opaque nail area is the part that does not have a vein to nourish your friends using only this opaque nail clippers. By cutting at an angle of about 45 degrees from the nail.

For dogs with black nails,

be especially careful when cutting nails. As we will not be able to see the pink flesh inside. If you are not confident in trimming your dog’s nails, it is recommend to gently trim and trim in small increments to observe that near the cut to the pink meat inside.

5. End up with an award

Every time when grooming, cleaning the dog’s body is recommend to give favorite snacks or a favorite toy for the dog. As a reward to create a positive feeling for them. To know that grooming is good not scary. And if allowing cooperation in grooming, will receive a reward in return. Which will create a good feeling for the dog including the owner as well.

So, That is all the 5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro . Now you see it is so easy to grooming your dog right. During this difficult time you will have a new idea to taking of your dog more then.


Can a pet really make you feel good ?

Can a pet really make you feel good

Can a pet really make you feel good ? Now a day pets are a part of the most family. Aside from having a friend to solve loneliness and guarding the house for us. Also helps to maintain our mental health as well. Especially when you get older and this is something to tell how your pet can help you maintain mental health.

Can a pet really make you feel good

🐶 Brighten up your life

Raising animals is something that will give us good mental health. Because they tend to make us happy in various ways, such as when you return from work. When you open the door there is a shaking tail waiting for you. Or the cat walks in to snuggle at you. As they waiting for you for a long time.

Makes you feel important. Which is the nature of everyone who has attention. Will make you feel happy and when happy, the body releases a lot of endorphins Is a hormone that helps you feel relax and reduce stress. In addition, it also helps to stimulate the body to destroy cancer cells as well. When you are not stress and happy, it will make you look bright.

Can a pet really make you feel good

🐶 Give love and warmth

Spending time with pets increases Oxytocin levels, which are hormones for connection. It’s like we have care for and care for someone, causing love. Makes you feel that you don’t have to worry about anything. Feeling like we were with a family, such as parents, will feel at ease. Not feeling lonely or alone.

🐶 Helps reduce stress

When you get a good feeling, it helps to reduce Cortisol levels, which are stress hormones. Stress is like a magnet that can absorb various diseases. Come into the body and stress also shows external characteristics such as face.

If you are stress, it will make your face look dull. And the face looks old enough for young women to definitely not allow these events to happen.

🐶 Relieve loneliness

Loneliness is something that happens to everyone, especially the elderly. Feeling like being alone causing stress. Raising animals is something that can help relieve loneliness. Because there are activities to do, whether feeding, bathing, or taking a walk. These things will make you feel like you’re not alone.

🐶 Help with memory

Pets aside from helping to reduce feelings of uneasiness. It can also help reduce short-term memory loss. Because if you are a forgetful person. Your pet will starve or starve to do various activities. These things will help strengthen your memory that there is still another life waiting for you.

But for some people, it is a long-term memory that comes from the love and memories of pets that occur in childhood. And if you can still remember those stories, then you still have a good memory. And makes you go back to yesterday and feel good too.

Can a pet really make you feel good ? Now we think that you can give the answer to yourself now. Pet are our best friends and they can give us so many health benefits. So, it is really worth to have pet into your family.

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How to choose the right food for your small dog

How to choose the right food

How to choose the right food for your small dog . There are many new dog owners who are wondering how it is different for small and large dogs. Many times the owner may wonder whether we should pay attention to both dogs of this breed equally or not. What is the difference? The short answer to this question is ” It different sometimes”

Small dogs have certain needs that are different from large dogs. And some matters require meticulous care as well. Especially feeding the small dogs nutrition in each meal is very important. How are small dog food different? What should  they eat and how to eat? This is an important issue in the routine of caring for this type of dog.

This article is for small dog owners to guide you on how to feed small dogs as compare to large dogs. Anything that should pay particular attention to and how should a small breed dog exercise properly

How important the size is?

The size of each breed is a very important factor in dog feeding. Which should also be related to the feeding frequency. For example, for puppies You can feed them as often as 4 times a day. Because puppies are in the process of growing up and need all the necessary nutrients.Small breed dogs have a very specific dietary need. Which must be managed to fit the size of the dog as well. You don’t want to feed small and large breed dogs with the same amount of food. Because the energy needs of both dogs are not the same.

Tips to pick the best food and How to choose the right food for your small dog .

How to choose the right food

There are a few small tips you should keep in mind. To make sure you provide the best food for the small breed dog you raise. And provide the right amount for the size of the dog.

Align the food with the proportion of the dog. Small breed dogs have a smaller stomach than large breed dogs. We should provide the right amount of food according to the size of the body.

Feeding small breed dogs with the wrong amount of food can be harmful to dogs. If given too much, it may cause the dog to become overweight. And may lead to other health problems later. You should feed the amount recommend on the back label of the product. Or ask from your veterinarian.

Small breed dogs have a smaller throat than large dogs.

Has smaller teeth and less jaw strength. That shows that they have less chewing force than large dogs. Therefore, to feed small dogs, it is necessary to inspect the size of dog food pellets first. Dog food pellet sizes must fit the dog’s oral size. And after observing, dogs can grind and chew food well without tiredness. If the dog food pellet size is too large, dogs may try to swallow the whole grain without chewing at all. Therefore, you should choose foods that are invent for small breed dogs.

You can ask your vet what the calorie intake is for the breed of your dog. And which small dog food type is right for your dog? Because the important thing is to know the dog’s diet with the right amount of calories for the dog per day.

Heavy-duty level of dog activity

When you raise a dog do not forget that nutrition of food. And exercise is important to keep in mind. In addition, providing a complete and balance dog food for small dogs. Must not forget that should be done in conjunction with the right amount of exercise as well.

Therefore, you should always take the dog to the right activity or exercise to prevent the dog from being overweight. Dogs that are overweight may be expose to many other diseases or health problems, such as high blood pressure, obesity, respiratory illnesses. And the body is not strong, weak, etc.

The intensity of the activities for each dog to do should vary according to the breed.

And the amount of exercise it different in each species. Walking exercise is the easiest way to exercise for small dogs. Or if your dog is more likely to like running around the house, so you can do many easy and fun games such as “tug of war games” or “hide-and-seek games” and “running games”

Feeding small dogs is not as complicate as you thought.

You just have to consider many factors. Careful before choosing food for dogs only Feeding proportion. Dog food pellet size Is an important factor. Because small breed dogs require more specific nutrient content. Because the body of a small dog can burn energy faster than many large dogs.

How to choose the right food

If you can find food that was invent for small dogs this would be great. Because food products for small dogs able to meet the nutritional requirements that are complete according to the principles of nutrition. Specially design to suit the size of the dog and meet the needs of each dog. When combine with the type of activity and intensity of exercise that is appropriate. You can help extend the life of your dog to be healthy in the long run. Now you know How to choose the right food for your small dog .

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Fiber for dog’s health

Fiber for dog's health

Fiber for dog’s health . In this age, everyone is increasingly paying attention to health care. Therefore are looking for more healthy food to take care of themselves. “Fiber” is another option because it is fiber that can be found in many plants. Which aside from being good for our human health. It is also useful to dogs as well. In which the dog receives the right amount of nutrients per day It will be able to help dogs stay healthy as well.

Let’s see what is the benefits of fiber for dogs?

What is fiber

Fiber or dietary fiber is a nutrient that is good for your health. Most of it is from the structure of plants such as branches and seeds that the human body and animals are not able to decompose, so it is a dietary fiber that helps the stomach full for a long time. And good for the digestive system and helps with excretion and reduce constipation.

For most fiber, it is found in plants, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. May not be a good source of dietary fiber. Because the fiber-rich exterior is scrubbing away

Fiber for dog's health

Fiber can be divided into 2 types which are

1. Soluble dietary fiber. When dissolve in water, it can be seen as a mucus found in fruits, nuts, oats, etc. It has the function of absorbing oil and sugar. Causing the amount of cholesterol to be less absorb in the body. Can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Can reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular disease.

2. Insoluble fiber found in brown rice, coarse rice, rice bran and vegetables will swell like a sponge, increasing fiber and water content in the stomach. When it moves past it will act like a broom to clean the digestive system.

Fiber and health benefits

1. Helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Especially in the group with high blood cholesterol disease. Eating foods with fiber together with medication will cause the cholesterol in the blood to return to a stable level.

 2. As a laxative to reduce constipation.

For insoluble fiber, it acts as a stimulant to the digestive system. Helps the bowel to contract and move better.

 3. Helps to flush toxins in the intestines.

Eliminate residual waste and reduce the chance of getting colon cancer.

Fiber for dog's health

4. Fiber that is soluble in water.

Will act to help reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore useful to diabetic patients. Reduce insulin and in normal people it can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes as well.

 5. Fiber can help reduce obesity.

But not the main assistant to lose weight. The fiber will help the digestive system work better. Food travels quickly into the digestive system when it contains fiber.

6. Fiber helps to be full longer.

Because it acts as a bubble and absorbs water for areas within the digestive system. Resulting in less food intake. But you will feel full longer if choosing to eat the right food together with exercise. It will make weight loss effective faster and more efficiently.

Which type of fiber is best for a dog?

Fiber for dog’s health . Both types of fiber are both soluble. And insoluble in both. There are benefits to the health of dogs. Therefore suitable for both dogs to eat

      – Dogs that have a healthy body may the dog eat vegetables or fruit that has some fiber in some meals. To help balance the digestive system to normal by choosing vegetables or fruit that is not harmful to dogs. May consult a doctor first before giving vegetables or fruit to the dog.

     – In dogs with acute diarrhea adding soluble fiber can help. Because fibers will help absorb water in the intestines and slow down the digestive process, the pumpkin may be used to help with occasional diarrhea.

      – If the dog suffers from chronic diarrhea, it’s important to check that problems to see if it caused by the large intestine or small intestine. If it caused by the large intestine then giving fiber can help. But if it is a small intestine fiber will not be able to help. Dogs should be taken to see a doctor to treat the symptoms as possible.

      – Dog with constipation. Adding foods that are insoluble fiber. Will allow food to pass through the stomach through the stomach and small intestine faster. Avoid giving insoluble fiber to dogs with diarrhea. Because it acts as a natural laxative.

Fiber for dog’s health adding fiber to your dog’s diet may cause the dog to poop more . Which is normal and it not harmful to dogs. Conversely, fiber helps to balance the digestive system and eliminate residual waste.

But before giving fiber to dogs you should get some advise and consult a veterinarian about the quantity and frequency of giving to suit the needs of each dog.


Dealing with neighbors’ pets that couse you problems

Dealing with neighbors' pets

Dealing with neighbors’ pets . One of the problems that bother living in a society is that neighbors are not caring for their pets to disturb or cause damage to nearby houses. As many have heard in the news, such as dogs biting children who pass by. The cat excites in the neighborhood of the neighbor’s house, for example. If anyone is facing a situation “Pet neighbors cause trouble” don’t worry. Because we have a light way to deal with the pet owners that do not care.

Take good care of pets in our home.

Everything should start with ourselves first. If you raise animals you must take care and attention on your pet. Do not let them disturb your neighbor. Whether it is sound, cleanliness, smell and care to not disturb others. For those who raise dogs, cats *** Read how to look after your beloved pets so they don’t affect your neighbors. ***

Negotiating cooperation with pet owners

Try talking to neighbors to be aware of the troubles that occur. But please be rational, calm and polite. Using emotions may not help solve problems but still cause distrust. And the neighbors may not want to improve the care of their pets or do what you request.

Ask the middleman to help negotiate.

When trying to talk, it does not work or knows that it is very difficult for this neighbor to listen and solve problems.  We should find an intermediary to help negotiate for those who live in housing estates or condos to report the problem of trouble to the juristic person. Which will send the representative to talk or make a letter to inform to solve the problem. If not living in any project or legal assistance, then it still does not work. Next, you have to file a complaint with the district office or the district official for inspect the area and made a warning letter to the neighbors.

Dealing with neighbors' pets

Rely on laws related to pets to Dealing with neighbors’ pets

When using the methods mention above and the neighbors are still ignoring the problems of pet suffering. It’s time to take legal steps.

In the event that a pet is dangerous

Regardless of whether it harms a person or property, such as breaking down a fence and chasing people, it must be recorded and recorded as evidence under Section 337 of the Criminal Code.

“Whoever controls a ferocious or beast. Give up that animal to travel alone in the way that may cause danger to persons or property. Shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding ten thousand baht or both “

Dealing with neighbors' pets

In the event that a pet is damaged

Whether against a person or property, such as excretion in a public place or home of another person, attacking the person biting shoes, the injured person can bring the evidence to report by virtue of the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 433.

“If damage occurs because of animals. And the owner of the animal or the person who takes care of the owner on behalf of the owner must compensate the injured party for any damage caused by that animal. Unless able to prove that them have exercised reasonable care in the treatment of the type and nature of the animal or other circumstances, or can prove that the damage must occur despite the careful use of that”

In the event that a pet is disturbing

The most common is howling dogs howl well, which is noisy, disturbing the sleep of neighbors. And the owner does not keep the pet clean until causing foul odor to disturb neighbors.

Article 16 (3) that “control dogs from causing annoyances such as causing loud noises continuously for a long time, etc.”

Article 16 (4) that

“Keep the dog’s place clean at all times. Keep the waste hygienic on a regular basis. Do not let it accumulate until it causes a foul odor to disturb those nearby. “

For people in other provinces, it must be observed in accordance with the applicable local ordinances. But there are general laws related Which can be used is the Criminal Code, Section 397

“Anyone who does anything to others that are bullying, intimidating, threatening or causing embarrassment or annoyance. Shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand baht

In fact, the pet issue is not a big issue and is not difficult to solve. How to Dealing with neighbors’ pets ? If both of us and our neighbors have understanding. Responsible for raising animals with care and cooperate well with each other. But if meeting a tumultuous neighbor, it is necessary for the relevant authorities to help manage the problem.

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How to choosing a good cat food ?

How to choosing a good cat food

How to choosing a good cat food ? You must focus on high protein first. Because proteins are contain essential nutrients that cats cannot create on their own.

Dry cat food that will help in oral health as well, such as helping to reduce plaque. Resulting in good hearing. It also makes your cat enjoy chewing.

For those cats that have anorexia. Try to change from dry food to wet food. Because wet food will give a delicious flavor. Causing the cat to crave more food.

How to choosing a good cat food

Choose the formula specify according to the age range to match your pet. Because formulas for each age range will have different nutrients to focus on, such as kittens have to focus on the development of growth. Therefore, must focus mainly on protein in order to develop bones and muscles etc.

How to choosing a good cat food ? For your loving pet.

How to choosing a good cat food

Nowadays there are many brands that produce formulas by species to choose from. It is good if you can choose to buy according to the breed of cats that are raised. Because your cat will receive the exact nutrients according to the nutrition principles.

Cereal-free cat food is suitable for cats with digestive system problems. Or have food allergies. Therefore, you should take your animal for a health checking first. In order to know whether there are any problems that need special care or not

Foods that shouldn’t give to cats


In fact, paracetamol should not be use on any pet. Because it will cause your pet to have symptoms of depression, vomiting, abnormalities in the blood system and can cause dead.


Because chocolate contains theobromine to cause vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, shortness of breath, abnormal breathing and may eventually die.

Cow’s milk:

All dairy cow’s products are not suitable for cat. Because cats are unable to digest lactose and it may cause diarrhea.

Lean meat:

will cause diarrhea and vomiting


It is not good for both dogs and cats. Because it causes abnormal bowel systems. It is a serious that you are not able to excrete bones. And it will cause a large amount of bone fragments left in the intestine to accumulate. And must remove it by surgically only.

How to choosing a good cat food ? We hope that you know the answer for that question now. So start to taking a good care of your love one by giving them the right food. It will help them live happier and longer life.

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Clean dog bed like pro

Clean dog bed like pro

Clean dog bed like pro Puppies should be clean with a pet-safe detergent and should be clean regularly at least every 1 month.

The puppy’s mattress is like a collection of germs, so we have to pay attention and clean it the same as our own bed.

Many dog ​​owners may interest in buying a mattress. Or a beautiful bed for dogs rather than interest in knowing how to proper cleaning mattress  for their hygiene. Which many people may not know that this mattress is a collection of good germs that can cause dogs to become sick.

Today we will give you some techniques for taking care of your own dogs. Therefore, we should really taking care for the puppies. And your pet will get a good night’s sleep and have good health.

Did you know? The mattress is a source of dirt.

Clean dog bed like pro

Do you know that the puppy’s bed is a source of dirt? Allergens and various pollen, because normally dogs will love to play on the field adventures in various corners of the house or out to do outdoor activities with the owner. Which every time the dog step out and dirt will stick in the paws as well.

Although we try to clean or wipe the paws before bringing the dog into the house. There is still a chance that dirt such as debris, grass, etc. still in with the dog. And of course, when the dog comes back to the mattress or your own bed. Various dirt will accumulate on the mattress. The bathing may help to clean the dog. But most dogs tend to spend time on the mattress or bed for a long time.Therefore it should be clean regularly at least every once a month.

When buying a dog bed you have to choose it wisely.

Clean dog bed like pro

Dog bed for sale at department stores come in a variety of shapes to choose from. Which each type of bed has different cleaning methods. Therefore, you must observe the signs of cleaning instructions every time before you buy it for proper use and care.

When choosing a mattress you should choose a place that fits the size of the dog and can actually be use. You may consider the size and shape to match the space in the house as well.

In addition, you should be consider the material of the mattress too, such as cotton mattress or mattress made from polyester fabric, etc. And if you found that the dog urinates on the mattress. You Should clean it immediately. Because urine may bite the skin of the dog. Finally became a skin disease.

Clean the puppy’s mattress just like our own bed!

Techniques for cleaning your pet’s mattress will vary depending on the material of your pet’s mattress, so be sure to read the instructions before cleaning for a longer term of life.

For bedding that is too large to be wash in the washing machine. We recommend to vacuuming it first. Then use the roller to get rid of the furs. Especially with the area that dogs are most expose too. This method will help to get rid of hair and help reduce dust, allergens and insect eggs. Before washing them with dog-safe detergents or antiseptic before drying.

The mattress has a zipper hidden on the outside. Remove the outer fabric for washing and cleaning as for the inside filling. If there is no trace of urine, then use the method to dry in the sun on a sunny day. By turning it in the sun on all sides or if you want to wash and clean, then soak in the tub by using detergents that are safe for dogs. Or you can use hot water to kill germs as well.

As you can see there a lot of benefit of cleaning your dog bed. It good for you and your dog too. So it better to know how to Clean dog bed like pro .


Get pet to get fit

Get pet to get fit

Get pet to get fit . It is say that people who have pets tend to be happy, energetic, in good health, like having a magic medicine. Would probably have to nod your head, admitting that the puppy, the cat and the favorite pet can help fulfill our happiness.

Because pets tend to make us fall in love.

Get pet to get fit

Always want to be close to playing with, which this bond and friendship helps to enhance good mental health. Did you know that raising animals also helps to strengthen the body and helps the body to be tight as well.

For people who raise dogs it is a good opportunity to take your dog out for a walk and run. In addition to creating a bond between you and your beloved dog, Still have the opportunity to burn excess fat.

There is still research support that Americans who raise dogs. Then walking your dog often will make you get better health and more firm up to 56% more than the average person.

Because people who raise animals will spend time and the rate of walking – running – moving the body when taking the dog out for longer than those who walk – run normally twice as general.

Aside from being good to us Is also good for dogs. Because taking them out for a walk or having a joint activity makes them proficient with improve brain and physical development.

Take care and shower frequently.

Get pet to get fit

When having a dog (Or even some younger cats), we should take good care of their cleanliness. That is the reason of Get pet to get fit . Because dirt can bring germs to beloved pets (And may lead to illness to the owner as well). Some dog hairs are thick or large and they sweating a lot. Then they need to take a shower often. Advising the owner to take a shower and brush by yourself for at least take 20-30 minutes for us to move the body.

You may be able to exercise your body by taking a shower 2-3 times a week. Don’t lose the chance of fat blasting by taking your dog to the spa. Take care of your dog, both economical and well-worthwhile exercise.

Stop eating fussy things because we want to buy more toys for pets

Among the animal lovers very few people will eat expensive things and don’t think of their pets at home. Not to mention shopping habits will change from shopping for people to pet items instead. And these will pamper animals and the owner too.

Stress relief help lowering cholesterol

Stress is the evil enemy of a girl who wants to be firm. Because when the brain is stress, it will order the Stress Hormone to work actively. Which this hormone will stimulate the cells to store more fat.

It’s a type of self-defense that is stressful = Obese

Of course, try turning to your beloved pet. Guarantee that the stress will be lighter. Because being with a pet can make you happy, and can relieve stress. Causing the brain to stop giving stress hormones to store fat again. And when you start playing with your good ones. It also makes you move the body. Because moves = exercise, which will help lower blood cholesterol too.

Having one or two pets in addition

To helping you reduce stress, helps to replenish mental health.  Also receive good physical health benefits, helps to reduce depression, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease.

Because of the overwhelming power of the pets that motivate you to exercise. The more we pay attention to them and the more activities they have together.

You also have the opportunity to move and exercise more, which it good for both physical and happy. Get pet to get fit now.

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Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor

Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . When talking about pets, many people probably think of dogs and cats primarily, right? In fact, there are some Japanese people who like to raise other animals as well, some are not animals that we generally see. But was allow to raise in the house.

Let’s see what Cute pets that Japanese people like


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

Ferret is an animal that is not afraid of people. Also, they friendly to people too. With a long body shape, furry face, chilling face. While also being an animal that does not cry and does not have to worry about taking them to the bathroom.

It is therefore very suitable as a pet for people who are not at home. And the people who live in the mansions. Because it doesn’t cry loudly so they are not disturbing others.

Caution: Ferret is a very narrow favorite animal. Be careful not to get into the crevices or below furniture in the house. Because they can crush to death. Also, when taking out of the cage be careful not to let them climb above heights. Because may fall and get hurt.

Holland Lop

Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

The distinguishing feature of this breed is its long and dangling ears. Which both the length of the ear and the size of the body will vary according to the species. It is a rabbit that is quite neat and sociable. While they also know where their bathroom is.

Caution: rabbits have the instinct of “nibble”, So be careful with the wires when letting them play outside of the cage. As well as being aware of items that may be chew by them.


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★

Among all mice Degu is the mouse that suits us the most. It has a gentle personality and doesn’t quite quarrel with one another. Plus, it’s pretty smart. You can practice various positions easily, but may need to give a little food as a reward too.

Caution: Its tail has small, cute hair, but if caught so strong that the hair falls off that may cause the skin on the tail to tear. Therefore, be careful not to touch its tail.

Guinea pigs

Friendly level: ★★★★

Guinea pigs are still gaining in popularity. Because it is a rat that eats easily and is healthy. If you put the food that they like very much on your hand, it will grab it quickly.

Caution: This species is herbivorous and somewhat shy. So, don’t try to chase after it because it can cause them to stress out.

Fancy rat

Friendly level: ★★★★

The Fancy rat is a newly hybrid breed for the purpose of raising rats. It is not afraid of people and is sociable. The people tend to put it on their palms or on the shoulders and then take to different ways of care. It is similar to hamsters. Which is another species that is easily cultivate.

Caution: because it has the ability to breed quite quickly. Therefore, you have to be careful about reproduction that may be more than necessary. In the case that you don’t want to raise so many pets.

Greek Tortoise

Friendly level: ★★★★

Greek turtles are both healthy and easily to raise. They mainly eat vegetables. So, it is easily to preparing the food for them. Because it is a terrestrial turtle, it can be easily raise in a cage or a pond with modest water. Compare to turtles that are in the water, it’s very easy to take care of their health. Therefore, It is a species of small turtle that should be raise.

Caution: Greek turtles will mainly eat the leaves of vegetables. Avoid hard-stem vegetables such as Japanese spring onions. Also, because Greek turtles have relatively stable body temperatures due to their inability to create their own body temperature. Therefore, if in a cold weather we should place the warmers nearby and the turtle will find a place that is suitable for its body temperature and lives in itself.

The Dwarf Hedgehog

Friendly level: ★★★

The dwarf porcupine is the smallest of the species. It was originally a shy animal. But is easy to raise, even a child can raise easily with people and there are also a variety of specific dwarf porcupine food for sale.

Caution: dwarf porcupines sensitive to noise and vibration. Therefore, do not let it panic.

Sugar glider

Friendly level: ★★★

Sugar glider is a squirrel that grows in a pocket like kangaroos or koalas. Usually it is an animal that is raised in a small bag but can also raise in a bag for Sugar Glider in particular. In several countries, the sugar glider is popular as an exotic pet and is sometimes refer to as a pocket pet.

Caution: Because it’s small and shy, fast movements of people can easily make them scare. So be careful of this.


Friendly level: ★★★

The Cockatoo is a small species of parrot. Although it is small, it is healthy and not too noisy. They are animals that are easily raise. Even so, it is secretly imitating the owner’s voice.

Caution: When allowing it to fly in the room, be sure to close the door and window. And they can open the cage with their beak so you have to make sure that you lock their cage securely.

Leopard gecko

Friendly level: ★★★

The leopard gecko is sociable. Can be place on the hand and taken it to various places. It likes to eat live insects such as crickets, but nowadays, there are some frozen insects to sell so you can feed them with that too. Therefore, for this pet food is not difficult to find at all.

Caution: The important thing you have to be gentle when you catching. Because if you hardly grab them they might think they get attack by something and they will shedding its tail to protect itself.

For all of this, this is an some example of Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . Some of them might seem to be cute for you and some of them might not. As you can see there a vary of people favorite’s pets. So, pick the one that suit your need the most to make both of you and your pet happy life.

Credit : จีคลับ

The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat If you think that cats are just normal pets that hardly provide any benefit to owners like dogs, then you may have to go back and review again. Because today, we will give you an information that make everyone see the benefits of raising a cat from a different perspective. And somethings are beyond what everyone would expect.

 1. Cats like magic medicine to help treat feelings

Cats are pets that help people overcome difficult times, such as the loss of a lover. By discussing the problem with cats. Because the cat will not aggravate the mistake or judging you. But the cat will listen to every word you say. Therefore, cats are another aid in therapy. That will magically make the pain disappear.

 2. Cats who are smarter than dogs

Carole University In Wisconsin, revealed that after a cunning test between the cat and the dog found that cat owners are more cunning than those who have dogs. Which psychologists believe that the result should be a consequence of people who raise cats are more interested in their surroundings. It just like a cat’s behavior.

  3. Reduce the risk of heart attack

According to a study from the University of Minnesota, found that Raising cats causes less stress levels. As well as reducing the risk of heart attack as high as 40 percent.

The benefits of raising a cat

  4. Cats get along well with everyone.

The idea that dogs are better friends with people than cats is not true. Especially with women. Because studying in Switzerland found that cats can fit in with the family very well. But cats will do that to people who show compassion, affection and kindness to them first.

  5. Cat owner are more open-minded, sensitive and think outside the box.

Studies from San Francisco indicate that The personality between cat and dog owners is quite different. In which the differences arise from their pets. It was found that those who raise cats are more open, sensitive and thought-free than those who raise dogs. Which the cat’s habits also contribute.

  6. Cats have less carbon footprint than dogs.

There are also reports from news sources that caring for and feeding dogs can emit greenhouse gases or carbon footprint equivalent to cars. While cats, which are animals that eat little and the food most cats eat is fish rather than meat. Therefore resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions with the same size as a golf ball.

  7. Cats can make friends with children well.

Studies show that 81 percent of children living with cats. Tend to express feelings to cats more than friends or parents. While more than 87 percent of children see cats as their best friends.

The benefits of raising a cat

 8. Children who live with cats are skip the school less the the one not have cat.

Children who live in the same house as cats have less statistics to stop studying than other children. With an average holiday rate of approximately 9 days per year only. The reason is because people who have cats have a stronger immune system. At the same time, these children are also at a lower risk of developing ear infections.

 9. Raising a cat helps to reduce depression.

And because loving cats is unconditional love. And this love makes scientists believe that cats can help reduce feelings of depression. Anxiety or feeling pressure.

 10. Cats can help a child with autism.

After studying at the University of Queensland, it found that Autistic children living with cats tend to talk, make eye contact, and smile more than normal autistic children. That is because the gentleness of cats can fit these children well.

 11. Raising cats makes you happier.

Parenting a cat also stimulates the production of oxytocin. Or love hormones. That’s why every time when you taking care of a cat. You becoming happy to yourself as well.

  12. Cat moaning can help treat the disease.

Because the cat’s moan is in the frequency range 20 – 140 Hz, which is the frequency range that can be use to treat certain diseases, such as reducing asthma. Or helps to preserve bones and flesh.

Now you will see The benefits of raising a cat that you may never know before. Surprisingly they can be a good friend for us and they will give us a lot of advantages too. So please considering having them to your family.