Dog breeds that are suitable for people who living in the condo

Dog breeds that are suitable for people who live in the condo. Nowadays most of the people are living in the condo.

And some of the dog lovers might wonder what kind of dog breeds they should be ok with the people who live in that space.

Here is the list of dog breeds that are suitable for raising in the condo for anyone who thinks that they want to raise a dog in a condo. To study which dog breed should be good for?

Based on size, exercise, and grooming space, as well as their habits.

1. Chihuahua.      

Chihuahua is a small dog, it has the distinction of being small and cheerful, affectionate, very affectionate to its owner. Chihuahuas is a small, alert dog. But even if the Chihuahua is small like a doll, that doesn’t mean the Chihuahua is suitable for children. Because the Chihuahua is very small and fragile. It is suitable for children who want to play with them in the right way and are gentle with the dog. Chihuahua is a small dog breed that can be raised in a condo. 

2. French Bulldog.   

French Bulldog or some people may call it Frenchie. With cute, large and upright ears like a bat, a short nose and a muscular body. As it has a strong body and large bones. They are lazy and like to be more sedentary. It can be enough exercise by taking a long walk. But more importantly, don’t let them eat too much and they can get too fat. 

3. Pomeranian.    

Pomeranian is one of a popular dog breed of girls who like dogs. They look like teddy bears, small and fluffy with round bodies. Pomeranian is a cheerful dog who loves to train with various tricks. They are cute and like to be the center of everyone’s attention. 

4. Poodle.    

Poodle is a highly intelligent and responsive breed. They are flattering and repulsive. But their disadvantage is they like to bark. They are easy to train therefore suitable for raising in the condo. 

5. Pug.    

Pug is a small dog. Even though it’s small but still mighty. It is characterized by its large, round head, big sparkling eyes, short legs, a wrinkled bridge, and a twisted tail, attached to the round buttocks. It makes a hiss in the nose, exhaling vigorously, and sneezing in our face. With their small size, it is suitable for raising in the condo. 

6. Shih Tzu.   

Shih Tzu is a playful dog and very addicted to the owner. With their appearance, their head is big round, their ears are big, their tail is twisted in a cute spiral.

fur is long, soft and smooth, Plus also get along with children and everyone can be well fed, easy to feed, small, suitable for urban people in this era who have limited space for raising and living in a busy life.

7. Yorkshire Terrier.   

The Yorkshire Terrier is a miniature dog. Adorable, long fur with a shiny appearance ,Tiny triangular ears pointing up, beautiful long fur, small but dignified posture. But a long-haired dog breed needs a lot of attention to fur. But they are suitable for people allergic to dogs.

8. Dachshund.   

Dachshund or another nickname is a sausage dog with a longer body than usual, sill ears, short legs, dog with a small, pointed mouth. The dachshund is a smart dog. It is sympathetic and less difficult, whether indoors or out, if properly trained, it learns to be obedient. Get along with children quite well, so it is suitable for raising in the condo.

Before we can bring the dog in. We need to study the information first. However, we have the opportunity to take our dogs to pet them in the condo, and do not forget to take care of our dogs with great care. And follow the condo rules as well so you won’t have problems later.