Fiber for dog’s health

Fiber for dog's health

Fiber for dog’s health . In this age, everyone is increasingly paying attention to health care. Therefore are looking for more healthy food to take care of themselves. “Fiber” is another option because it is fiber that can be found in many plants. Which aside from being good for our human health. It is also useful to dogs as well. In which the dog receives the right amount of nutrients per day It will be able to help dogs stay healthy as well.

Let’s see what is the benefits of fiber for dogs?

What is fiber

Fiber or dietary fiber is a nutrient that is good for your health. Most of it is from the structure of plants such as branches and seeds that the human body and animals are not able to decompose, so it is a dietary fiber that helps the stomach full for a long time. And good for the digestive system and helps with excretion and reduce constipation.

For most fiber, it is found in plants, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. May not be a good source of dietary fiber. Because the fiber-rich exterior is scrubbing away

Fiber for dog's health

Fiber can be divided into 2 types which are

1. Soluble dietary fiber. When dissolve in water, it can be seen as a mucus found in fruits, nuts, oats, etc. It has the function of absorbing oil and sugar. Causing the amount of cholesterol to be less absorb in the body. Can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Can reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular disease.

2. Insoluble fiber found in brown rice, coarse rice, rice bran and vegetables will swell like a sponge, increasing fiber and water content in the stomach. When it moves past it will act like a broom to clean the digestive system.

Fiber and health benefits

1. Helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Especially in the group with high blood cholesterol disease. Eating foods with fiber together with medication will cause the cholesterol in the blood to return to a stable level.

 2. As a laxative to reduce constipation.

For insoluble fiber, it acts as a stimulant to the digestive system. Helps the bowel to contract and move better.

 3. Helps to flush toxins in the intestines.

Eliminate residual waste and reduce the chance of getting colon cancer.

Fiber for dog's health

4. Fiber that is soluble in water.

Will act to help reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore useful to diabetic patients. Reduce insulin and in normal people it can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes as well.

 5. Fiber can help reduce obesity.

But not the main assistant to lose weight. The fiber will help the digestive system work better. Food travels quickly into the digestive system when it contains fiber.

6. Fiber helps to be full longer.

Because it acts as a bubble and absorbs water for areas within the digestive system. Resulting in less food intake. But you will feel full longer if choosing to eat the right food together with exercise. It will make weight loss effective faster and more efficiently.

Which type of fiber is best for a dog?

Fiber for dog’s health . Both types of fiber are both soluble. And insoluble in both. There are benefits to the health of dogs. Therefore suitable for both dogs to eat

      – Dogs that have a healthy body may the dog eat vegetables or fruit that has some fiber in some meals. To help balance the digestive system to normal by choosing vegetables or fruit that is not harmful to dogs. May consult a doctor first before giving vegetables or fruit to the dog.

     – In dogs with acute diarrhea adding soluble fiber can help. Because fibers will help absorb water in the intestines and slow down the digestive process, the pumpkin may be used to help with occasional diarrhea.

      – If the dog suffers from chronic diarrhea, it’s important to check that problems to see if it caused by the large intestine or small intestine. If it caused by the large intestine then giving fiber can help. But if it is a small intestine fiber will not be able to help. Dogs should be taken to see a doctor to treat the symptoms as possible.

      – Dog with constipation. Adding foods that are insoluble fiber. Will allow food to pass through the stomach through the stomach and small intestine faster. Avoid giving insoluble fiber to dogs with diarrhea. Because it acts as a natural laxative.

Fiber for dog’s health adding fiber to your dog’s diet may cause the dog to poop more . Which is normal and it not harmful to dogs. Conversely, fiber helps to balance the digestive system and eliminate residual waste.

But before giving fiber to dogs you should get some advise and consult a veterinarian about the quantity and frequency of giving to suit the needs of each dog.