Get to know more about allergy in dogs

Get to know more about allergy in dogs .Let’s look at how allergy in dogs vs. human allergy. How is it the same or different? So how can the symptoms of allergies in dogs be treated or prevented?

Dog allergy vs human allergy is it the same?

In fact, when people are allergic to it they often have cough, sneezing, stuffy nose, and a cold-like mucus. But these symptoms will occur when there is stimulus only. The common symptoms of dog allergies are different from humans. When a dog get an allergy, a dog’s will itch in the area of ​​the allergy. The symptoms of allergies in dogs are not life threatening. But it can be a nuisance for dogs and their owners.

Causes of allergies in dogs.

Allergies in dogs can be caused by many factors. In this article, we’ll divide various factors into 2 main groups as follows.

1. Allergies in dogs due to uncontrollable factors.

Allergies in dogs caused by factors we cannot control. These allergic reactions can be caused by a weak immune system in the dog itself, environmental conditions such as dust, construction fumes, changes in weather or seasons, humidity in the air, among others.

2. Allergies in dogs are caused by factors that we can control.

These allergies can be caused by the food we choose for the dog to eat, the shampoo or the cleaning solution used, the stress of the dog, etc. These factors are things that the owner of the dog can decide or control.

How many types of allergies are in dogs? How can each type of allergy be treated or prevented?

Flea allergic dermatitis (FAD).

This type of allergic reaction is very common in dogs. Caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the flea that bites the dog. Dog owners can prevent this type of allergic reaction by regularly getting rid of ticks and fleas that can bite their dogs.

Food allergy.

Food is another factor that every dog ​​owner needs to focus on. Because food is one of the causes of allergy. A food allergy can be both a manifestation of a skin allergy and a liquid stool. Some dogs may also have hair loss or some of them may have odor stains, etc. Dog owners can prevent this type of allergy by giving their dogs BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) or fresh food instead of pellet food. It helps to fix mold and keep the dog’s skin dry. It can help reduce allergic reactions (BARF foods may not be suitable for all dogs.

Therefore, dog owners should study information about the BARF diet well before choosing to give the dog to eat), before starting to allow dogs to switch to the BARF diet, they should take the dog to have a blood test first. To check the health of the dog. After that, dogs gradually switch to the BARF diet for about 1 month and then take the dog back for a blood test again to see the changes.


This group of allergies is an allergic reaction to pollen inhalation, fungus, house dust and substances that float in the air. Symptoms can be observed at the dog’s mouth. If the area of ​​the mouth turns red it shows that the dog may inhalation something foreign and cause an allergic reaction. Atopy can be prevented by choosing a plant that is harmless to your dog and cleaning the shelter and always keep clean.

If it is necessary to take the dog outside, put on a dog leash to keep the dog away from the risky areas of allergic reactions.

Contact allergy.

This is an allergic reaction caused by a dog’s exposure to certain chemicals, for example, the dog may lie on an area with the fumes of remnants of cleaning detergent or allergic to shampoo. For a time due to the accumulation of perfume or chemicals that we may not be able to wash all away. This can be prevented by choosing a shampoo that is gentle on your dog’s skin. You can try using a baby shampoo or a prescription shampoo that you run out of recommended instead. And choose a floor gentle formula cleaner.

Let’s go back to observe the symptoms of the dog and see if it is an allergy. If the dog has allergies so treatment and prevention can be promptly treated. We hope this information about dog allergies will be useful to many dog ​​owners.