Health benefit for having pets

Health benefit

Health benefit for having pets Nowadays, it cannot denied that pets have become more important to our lives. Because our society has changed from a large family with many members into a single family. From rural society to urban society. 

Health benefit

When social conditions change from the original, resulting in loneliness and stress affecting the mental state of the person. One thing that will replace and look after your mind the most is probably various pets such as dogs, cats, fish.

Humans have known dogs as pets in the family for about 12,000 years ago. Cats have come to live in the house 5,000 years ago. 

Health benefit

Psychologists often ask: Why do we like pets?

One accepted answer is that having a pet reinforces the natural feeling of people that there is still love and good wishes for other living.


What are the health benefit for having pets? 

Not long ago one British psychologist found that people who raise cats or dogs. Usually do not get sick, headache or backache. And people who have pets have less cholesterol in the blood than people without pets. That means dogs and cats give the owner a less chance of heart disease.


In addition, psychologists believe that Pets play a role in enhancing emotional stability for the owner. Because even if it can’t be spoken It never lied never criticize its owner, they listen, they understand it, they do not ask, they do not doubt, they honest, so they are a very necessary “friend” for some people.


Pets have many benefits, whether psychological or physically. Makes the mind gentle, kind, make the body healthy and exercise in taking them to play. Now you know that we can get so many Health benefit for having pets so go ahead looking for a pet for yourself what are you waiting for.