5 Health care tips for the cats

Health care tips for the cats

Health care tips for the cats , Cats are lovable pets in many families; they require care just like humans that we must give both love and attention to health.

Which is something that everyone in the family must take care of. Because if you are taking care of them poorly so they can get sick, whether it is cat flu, worms or other infectious diseases. Which all the owners must take care of them in a correct way for a happy coexistence.

Cats are mammals. They are small in shape, long in body size, with short legs and are classified as carnivores. It has sharp fangs and claws that can be shrunk and hidden just like a tiger and they descended from a larger wild cat. There are many species of cats. Usually cats are already healthy animals. But if the cat is eating less food and has symptoms of dyspepsia, you should wait a day or two before seeing symptoms. If symptoms do not improve, take them to a veterinarian. Normally a normal cat has a life expectancy of only 14-16 years, and in order for them to be healthy, longevity and live with us for a long time, here are 5 tips for taking care of your cat’s health.

1. Should take cats from 6 weeks old to start vaccination to build immunity to various important infectious diseases. Including cat flu, rabies and intestinal parasites. In addition, heartworm disease should be prevented every month and should be eliminated by fleas and ear mites by dripping the drug every month as well for good health in the long term.

2. Spay or neuter both male and female cats from a young age. Because it can be done from the age of 4 months to reduce the aggressive behavior in the territory. Or fighting in the mating season. Which spay or neuter in females can also help reduce breast cancer as well. And it can also help reduce outdoor outings in baby cats.

3. Choosing the right food for the kitten is very important. Alternate pellets should be fed with wet food. Choose from canned or self-cooked ones. If choosing a ready-made one so pick the foods that provide complete benefits. Recommended designs made from real fish, contains omega 3 and 6 to help maintain a beautiful coat. Have good skin health plus calcium for strong bones and teeth and contains taurine for bright eyes. Which must be selected according to the size and age of the cat. And most importantly, don’t forget to give your cat enough water to drink.

4. We should train the cat to be indoor since childhood. To reduce the risk of contracting various infectious diseases, because there are many diseases outside the home that cats can infect, such as feline AIDS virus, leukemia virus caused by biting or cat flu to have symptoms of sneezing and runny nose. If we train them when they are small they are more accustomed and prefer to stay at home than adult cats. Which we may find toys or the cat’s favorite attraction to lure him into the house is best.

5. Do not keep more than 3 cats in the same place. As combining multiple cats can cause problems or the cat has not been cared for thoroughly. So having no more than 3 domestic cats is enough to maintain their health and love thoroughly.

Cats are pets that humans like to bring as a friend. So when we adopted them we must have as much knowledge about cats as possible so that we can treat it well. It has an effect on the welfare of the cat.