Safe beautiful garden for you loving dog

Safe beautiful garden for you loving dog . For the pet lover arrange a garden or plant trees around the house you need to study that which plants are safe for dogs, some plants or flowers may be poisonous. Especially seeds, leaves or stems that cause dogs to become sick or can die. 

Since the global crisis of the Covid-19 causing each person to have more social spacing, or some having to stay at home to stop the spreading of the corona virus.

Many people have more time to stay at home, so turn to various activities to help relieve stress and make good use of free time. 

One of the most popular activities all over the world is planting trees or gardening to increase the green space to make the house look more inviting and refreshing.

Then we will introduce some good tricks for gardening to be a safe garden for dogs or Pet-Safe Garden for you. 

How to make a garden beautiful and safe for dogs? 

Choose plants that are not harmful to dogs.

If you plan to organize a garden or plant trees around the house that are safe with pets especially in homes with dogs and cats.

It is advisable to study and find out that which plants are safe for them? Some plants or flowers may be poisonous. Especially seeds, leaves or stems

Safe beautiful garden

Dr. Nancy Vail, veterinarian and director of the NorthStar Vets Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty Center’s Maple Shade Hospital,

recommends safe growing plants for dogs such as Baby’s breath, African Daisy. ,

African Violets, Squash are vegetables, squash, pumpkin and melon, which are safe for dogs.

But if you want to know which tree or plant type is safe or poisonous to dogs,

you may find more information in the book.

Safe beautiful garden

Or various online sources or you can check it on the website of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) that has collected all the informations about safe and poisonous plants with dogs.

on the ASPCA Poison Control website for owners to study for safety of your pets.

The garden must be safe with the dog.

Safe beautiful garden

Do you know that poisonous plants can make dogs sick or can cause of death. Dr. Nancy Vail revealed that the poisoning caused by contact with certain plants. Can cause mild nausea to skin irritation, depression, heart problems, difficulty breathing, seizures or death.

In addition,

Dr. Nancy also recommends that in the event that the dog has an illness

or suspect that there are certain things that they should not eat  

we suggest you to collect tree samples for the inspection.

And you should take your dog to see a veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital for immediate treatment.

And it’s not only just the plants in the garden that can harmful to dogs. But other elements such as mulch, fertilizer, herbicides or insecticide may also can harmful to dogs as well. Therefore you must use them with caution.

Although some trees may at risk for dogs to get sick.

But you can avoid to keep your dogs safe

by making a garden beds or planting gradient trees in the garden to prevent dogs from entering the area.

Also, when taking your dog for a walk in the garden,

you may use this opportunity to put on a leash to walk.

In order to practice the rules in non-leash and prevent the dog

from eating any plants as well as having to keep them clean. 

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