Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed is the best friend for your family?

The answer is YES.  SAMOYED is the sweetest dog in the world.

Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed the best friend.

Sweet white fluffy with a smiley face Samoyed is the one famous dog that everybody will be falling in love with. Those smiley faces made them look super cute and friendly. They are good for the entire family and of course for the kids also.

Samoyed has another name that people like to call them is “SAMMY” they were originally from Siberia. First, they were bred for hunting, herding, and haul a sled but since they are so friendly and royalty so they become one of the best choices for the Family’s dog. Till this day they remain the delightful playmates and faithful protectors for the children

Samoyed the best friend

By the nature of the Samoyed, they are so easy to adapt themself to any circumstances and environment. They can be both working dogs or housemates dog.

Samoyed has a really good sense to know when you are happy, sad, mad they even know who is really loved them or who is really dislike them and they will return their love accordingly. When they need your attention they will be cuddling you with those cute eyes and nose. That nose will press softly on your arm and that paw will touch you. Your heart will be melting for those eyes. It really hard to resist the cuteness from them.


One thing you should know before you make a considering having a Samoyed as your best friend for your family

is how to take good care of them. Grooming is one of the basic requirements for Samoyed. Since they originate from one of the coldest places in the world. Samoyed does have double-thick layers of their fur. Those furs help them to protect all kinds of extreme weather to get into their body. Those fur help make them survive but in the other way, those fur needs more work to take care of.  

Samoyed regularly shedding twice a year and they need to be brushing for almost every day to protect from the fur crumping. Brushing also helps to clean all the dirt from them to make them look presentable grooming and it good for their health. They don’t need to take that much bath but at least twice a year should be enough for them.

Now you might thinking that should you have them into your family?

 If you are ready…….GO FOR IT. For sure if you meet them one time you will love them with all of your heart.  

credit : จีคลับ