Things you should know before changing a new food for your dogs

Things you should know before changing a new food for your dogs

Things you should know before changing a new food for your dogs .Different ages of dogs have different dietary needs.

For example : Puppy will need for quality food to be used to strengthen bone and muscle for further growth.

We may divide the time to feed the puppy into 3 meals a day until the puppy is 5 months old and then adjust the food to 2 meals a day for feeding the dog they suggest that it should be at a certain time,

Such as feeding two meals at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, leaving it for 15-20 minutes. If they don’t eat it, put it away. So that the dog learns to eat at a certain time.

But when it’s time to eat and they haven’t eaten yet so we will know if the dog has any disorders or discomfort.

In addition, food should not be left out all day or some houses will fill a bowl with food all the time which is not quite right.

This will result in the dog having a bad habit of eating food And can result in a malfunction of the digestive tract

For example vomiting from a state of excessive secretion of gastric acid that irritates the digestive tract or eating a lot and getting fat

Because of what the dog wants to eat, it may not be the best for them. Also when it’s time for food the dog will ask for food at the dining table. The solution is to feed the dog 2 meals a day at the same time as our breakfast or dinner.

When it comes to feeding the dog at each stage of life. From the puppy into the age of the dog to mature.

If they are a small dog, they are around 1 year old and larger puppies are counted at 1 1/2 years of age and the owner of the dog needs to change the formula for the dog again.

This is because the nutritional requirements of puppies and adult dogs are different.

The method is to add the amount of adult formula to 1/2 of the total food. Combine this with the old puppy formula ¾ by feeding at this ratio for 2-3 days.

After that you can begin to adjust the proportion of adult dog formula and puppy formula. keep doing this for 2-3 days Then add 1/2 the adult formula and reduce puppy formula intake to 1/2

Retains a few days until finally adapted to adult dog formula food instead. 

In the case of changing the brand of food doctors recommend using the same method. Now we can adjust the food for the dog without any effect on the health of our beloved dog.