Signs of depression in dogs

Signs of depression in dogs

Signs of depression in dogs .Did you know It’s not just people who suffer from depression. But dogs can also suffer from depression. Which clinically confirmed that dogs are the number one popular pet suffering from this disease. Some of them may even be quite deadly.

Let’s take a look at whether your dog has depression or not? How do we know? Today we have the answer for you.

Symptoms that indicate your dog may have depression

Bent body.

The dog is bending over, refusing to be touched, meaning the dog is feeling insecure. Often there is a tail drop. Ears stretched to the back. And had eyes of paranoia together, white eyes widening, still, tense.

Bite themselves.

Snaps or bites their tail and then spins in a circle, Is a state of obsessive thoughts and actions that have accumulated stress. It is similar to how people bite their nails until they become used to which is caused by concern.

Passed on as accumulated stress gastric acid builds up or in some homes is inactive to drain the stored energy in itself. Tail biting until bleeding. And become a psychotic dog.

Yawn often.

If the dog looks tired, yawns often, lethargy, wants to rest, often yawns. These are all warning signs that your dog is stressed, bored, agitated and not getting enough sleep.

Be in bed.

If the dog keeps sleeping at any time or keeps in a narrow place all day this means that the dog is insecure. And they trust you as a householder or owner, such as having changed activities, strange voices. There was a serious quarrel.

Frequent lifting of the front legs.

The dog will raise one front leg. It can be checked by holding the leg and stretching lightly but if the leg cramps come to touch and cry, it means that the leg is hurt from a wound or an accident.

But if suddenly Dogs also like to lift their front legs often.

Does not participate in activities.

Depressing, not playing, refusing to eat or even when vomiting is a yellow foam Is stressed down the stomach. That is a symptom that is indicating that the dog is very stressed and sad.

Cloudy eyes.

That is the eyes are dim, not bright, sparkling (not counting dogs with eye ailments such as cataracts) ,It’s assumed that your dog may be suffering from depression. The dog’s eyes never lie if he is sick, it can be expressed in his eyes right away.

How to prevent depression in dogs.

To prevent and treat depression in dogs, take the dog outdoors to change the atmosphere. Go where nature is, relax, run, exercise with sports. Like taking to the sea, swimming in the pool, taking on the treadmill to exercise to practice concentration. Turn on soft, slow music or soothing music to relax their brain. Rewards like candy or their favorite toy.

Do not forget to check on your dog often. Make sure that they don’t have those signs of depression. If you don’t want to lose them forever do not forget to take care of them.