How to spot symptoms of sick cats

How to spot symptoms of sick cats .One more thing that cat lovers need to know that is. “How to spot symptoms of sick cats” with the cats may not show the same symptoms as dogs but we still have a way to observe the symptoms of sick cats. Even if it is only a small symptom, do not worry about it. If the cat behaves like this it may be the sign that the cat is sick.

1. Bad breath.

Firstly, if we notice that cats begin to have bad breath your cat may be sick. If your cat has kidney problems, your cat will have a bad breath similar to the smell of urine. But if their gums do not turn pink and have more saliva than usual so they might have a dental disease or gingivitis. If the cats have bad breath similar to ripe apples that means your cat may be suffering from diabetes. 

It is recommended to clean the inside of the cat’s mouth first. Try to give your cat a lot of water or use a stick to rub it for your cat to play with, which will help reduce bad breath and it helps to reduce the aggression of cats as well. But if you found that the cat still has bad breath so you should immediately bring your cat to the veterinarian then.

2. Abnormally excrete.

If you notice that your cat has an abnormal bowel movement such as diarrhea, a lot of urination or not excreting not urinating at all. It can indicate that the cat is having problems with the digestive system. Let wait and monitor the symptoms within 24 hours and if the symptoms still do not improve and also have black or red stools. You should immediately take your cat to the vet as soon as possible to check the symptoms of the cat’s illness.

3. Runny nose and crusted eyes.

Usually cats have a bright, cheerful face. But when we find that the cat’s eyes are cloudy. And having more eye boogers than usual is one of the symptoms of a sick cat. Most often it is caused by some kind of inflammation around the eyes or allergic reactions. Or inflammation of the tear duct, especially the Scottish Fold breed with frequent wet eyes need to keep wiping their eyes. If left unattended, it can turn into a yellow or brown stain under your cat’s eyes. Also, if your cat has a runny nose it is a warning sign of cat flu.

We should take the cat for regular check-ups and vaccination to build an immune system for the cat. It will help reduce symptoms of eye infections. And cat flu that is caused by viruses.

4. Depressed.

If your cat looks really unhappy or depressed that might mean that the cat is sick. If the cat is acting abnormal, such as refusing to play with or keep hiding in the corner and likes to walk and drag his hind legs. It shows that the cat is definitely sick. And if it still continues like this for a few days so you should take the cat to the vet immediately. In order to be treated as early as possible.

5. Fast breathing.

When it comes to your cat’s respiratory rate usually it is 20-30 times per second on average. Most of the time, they breathe faster than usual after exercising, playing naughty, or when their body feels hot. But if you notice that the cat is restless and has shortness of breath. And breathing fast for a long time. The cause may be related to cardiovascular disease. Thus causing the cat to have asthma symptoms, cough, and the heart pounding so that sometimes there is a loud breathing. We recommend you to use a clean cloth moistened with water to wipe the ears, paws, belly and groin to help reduce heat. It will help the cat feel better. Leaving your cat to the maximum heat may cause him to become a heat stroke. And was shocked until death.

6. Vomits.

Normally cats may vomit only when it accidentally eats the wrong food. But if you notice that they are frequently vomiting or nonstop vomiting. This may warn that your cat is sick. The main cause of sudden vomiting usually due to gastrointestinal infections or enteritis. If the blood is found while vomiting it could be that the cat has a stomach ulcer. You must hurry and take them to the vet immediately.

7. Refuses to eat.

Another common symptom of a cat’s eating disorder is when they refuse to eat or eat less. It is a symptom of a sickness.

All of these symptoms can signal that your cat is facing some serious disease so don’t be complacent. Because some diseases are more frightening than you think. For the concern you have for your beloved cats.