The most deadly cat diseases you should be aware of

The most deadly cat diseases you should be aware of

The most deadly cat diseases you should be aware of .If talking about ailments about a beloved pet of course, dogs and cats would be the top pets. As we will think of this article, we will take you to know the disease that often occurs with cats. The cat lovers have to be careful and keep an eye out for them.

Cat distemper.

Also known as parvovirus. This disease is classified as a serious contagious disease in cats. And is currently an epidemic in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThailand although the epidemic is still in a narrow circle but cats in general can get sick easily. Feline measles is caused by the parvovirus which affects the digestive system of cats. In addition to being found in cats, the illness is also found in other animals such as ferrets, minks, or even tigers, lions or wild cats with the mortality rate relatively high. Especially in cats who have never been vaccinated, young cats and cats who are not healthy.

Symptoms: The cat will have obvious symptoms of lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, fever. There may be complications with colds and also abdominal pain, diarrhea. Which if severe diarrhea will cause the cat to become dehydrated and shocked. More importantly, it can be observed from the characteristics of the body. The cat will have a thick intestine. There is a lot of gas in the stomach. In young cats it can die quickly after being sick.

The disease is transmitted by the exposure of the good cat to the secretions of the sick cat. More importantly, it can still be caught through people. In which people will be carriers of the infection from sick cats to infect the other cats, so if a sick cat is found with such symptoms immediately hold the cat apart. Because this disease can be found in cats of all ages and can happen to every cat. The prevention of disease can be done by taking the cat to be vaccinated against the disease every year.

Leukemia in cats.

Caused by Feline Leukemia virus infection, it is another common disease in cats. This infection can be contagious in all cat breeds whether it is a pet or wild.

Symptoms generally have 2 syndromes. First, cats have lower immunity. This will easily lead to other complications, along with anemia and another group will find tumors in cats. When you touch the body, the cat will find cancerous lumps spread throughout the body. Enlarged lymph nodes may experience jaundice which indicates that there is an abnormality in the bloodstream. And the infection may spread to destroy the function of the liver and kidneys.

The virus is spread through contact with the saliva, tears and urine. The cats that are at risk of getting this disease are feral cats or cats that have been let-go by owners. It is more common in male cats than females, so disease can be prevent by separate sick cats. And should take cats to get vaccinated for disease as well.


Caused by coronavirus infection (virus name like COVID-19), this virus is similar to the feline enteric inflammatory bowel disease (Feline enteric coronavirus), but more severe. Because it is an infection that can mutate and cause more severe disease in cats.

The most commonly observed symptom is that the cat will experience anorexia and water drop for unknown reasons. Sick cats are thinner, but their breasts and abdomen are larger. And if the infection spreads into the nervous tissue, it can cause cats to have symptoms related to the nervous system, such as loss of control over excretion and loss of balance control. It also depends on the cat’s health factors.

Cats at risk of developing peritonitis are often unhealthy cats, like older cats. They can also be a complication in cats with low immunity due to other illnesses. However, the disease can occur in cats as opposed to gender and breed. Where cats can be infected with each other.

Every pet needs love and good care from the owner. Especially if they are sick, they must be very careful and take care. Because pets cannot tell us about their illnesses.