Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor

Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . When talking about pets, many people probably think of dogs and cats primarily, right? In fact, there are some Japanese people who like to raise other animals as well, some are not animals that we generally see. But was allow to raise in the house.

Let’s see what Cute pets that Japanese people like


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

Ferret is an animal that is not afraid of people. Also, they friendly to people too. With a long body shape, furry face, chilling face. While also being an animal that does not cry and does not have to worry about taking them to the bathroom.

It is therefore very suitable as a pet for people who are not at home. And the people who live in the mansions. Because it doesn’t cry loudly so they are not disturbing others.

Caution: Ferret is a very narrow favorite animal. Be careful not to get into the crevices or below furniture in the house. Because they can crush to death. Also, when taking out of the cage be careful not to let them climb above heights. Because may fall and get hurt.

Holland Lop

Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

The distinguishing feature of this breed is its long and dangling ears. Which both the length of the ear and the size of the body will vary according to the species. It is a rabbit that is quite neat and sociable. While they also know where their bathroom is.

Caution: rabbits have the instinct of “nibble”, So be careful with the wires when letting them play outside of the cage. As well as being aware of items that may be chew by them.


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★

Among all mice Degu is the mouse that suits us the most. It has a gentle personality and doesn’t quite quarrel with one another. Plus, it’s pretty smart. You can practice various positions easily, but may need to give a little food as a reward too.

Caution: Its tail has small, cute hair, but if caught so strong that the hair falls off that may cause the skin on the tail to tear. Therefore, be careful not to touch its tail.

Guinea pigs

Friendly level: ★★★★

Guinea pigs are still gaining in popularity. Because it is a rat that eats easily and is healthy. If you put the food that they like very much on your hand, it will grab it quickly.

Caution: This species is herbivorous and somewhat shy. So, don’t try to chase after it because it can cause them to stress out.

Fancy rat

Friendly level: ★★★★

The Fancy rat is a newly hybrid breed for the purpose of raising rats. It is not afraid of people and is sociable. The people tend to put it on their palms or on the shoulders and then take to different ways of care. It is similar to hamsters. Which is another species that is easily cultivate.

Caution: because it has the ability to breed quite quickly. Therefore, you have to be careful about reproduction that may be more than necessary. In the case that you don’t want to raise so many pets.

Greek Tortoise

Friendly level: ★★★★

Greek turtles are both healthy and easily to raise. They mainly eat vegetables. So, it is easily to preparing the food for them. Because it is a terrestrial turtle, it can be easily raise in a cage or a pond with modest water. Compare to turtles that are in the water, it’s very easy to take care of their health. Therefore, It is a species of small turtle that should be raise.

Caution: Greek turtles will mainly eat the leaves of vegetables. Avoid hard-stem vegetables such as Japanese spring onions. Also, because Greek turtles have relatively stable body temperatures due to their inability to create their own body temperature. Therefore, if in a cold weather we should place the warmers nearby and the turtle will find a place that is suitable for its body temperature and lives in itself.

The Dwarf Hedgehog

Friendly level: ★★★

The dwarf porcupine is the smallest of the species. It was originally a shy animal. But is easy to raise, even a child can raise easily with people and there are also a variety of specific dwarf porcupine food for sale.

Caution: dwarf porcupines sensitive to noise and vibration. Therefore, do not let it panic.

Sugar glider

Friendly level: ★★★

Sugar glider is a squirrel that grows in a pocket like kangaroos or koalas. Usually it is an animal that is raised in a small bag but can also raise in a bag for Sugar Glider in particular. In several countries, the sugar glider is popular as an exotic pet and is sometimes refer to as a pocket pet.

Caution: Because it’s small and shy, fast movements of people can easily make them scare. So be careful of this.


Friendly level: ★★★

The Cockatoo is a small species of parrot. Although it is small, it is healthy and not too noisy. They are animals that are easily raise. Even so, it is secretly imitating the owner’s voice.

Caution: When allowing it to fly in the room, be sure to close the door and window. And they can open the cage with their beak so you have to make sure that you lock their cage securely.

Leopard gecko

Friendly level: ★★★

The leopard gecko is sociable. Can be place on the hand and taken it to various places. It likes to eat live insects such as crickets, but nowadays, there are some frozen insects to sell so you can feed them with that too. Therefore, for this pet food is not difficult to find at all.

Caution: The important thing you have to be gentle when you catching. Because if you hardly grab them they might think they get attack by something and they will shedding its tail to protect itself.

For all of this, this is an some example of Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . Some of them might seem to be cute for you and some of them might not. As you can see there a vary of people favorite’s pets. So, pick the one that suit your need the most to make both of you and your pet happy life.

Credit : จีคลับ