Advantages of having a pet as your child friend

child friend , Advantages of having a pet as your child friend. Raising pets within the house is so popular today, especially homes that have only one kid.

child friend
child friend

In which your child can use pets as their friend. Aside from being a lonely there are many advantages that make raising animals with your child more useful than you think.

Today we will show you all the advantages that you will get from having a pet to be a friend for your child.

Here is an advantages of having a pet as your child friend

child friend

Pets are good friends.

When your child is lonely and bored especially if it only 1 child in the house that most of them do not have friends to play. With a small pet in the home, it will make your children have a little play friends, helping them to know the love of living with others. And you will see them grow together which will make the relationship of your child and the pet stay forever.

Pets are good playmates.

Because your pet and children are the same age They likes to play naughty. Especially small dogs Who like to run around the house or in the garden with children and that will help him to be both healthy and strong. They will run and play tirelessly. Studies have shown that dogs that are more active is have a better health. 

child friend

Pets help your children grow up to be responsible people. Bountiful mind.

Responsibility to others that your child will learn from feeding their pets. Which is an activity that allows them to learn about living and know responsibility for important tasks as you assign. Until creating a good character when growing up. Which will enable them to be able to live normally in society. And learning to have a generous mind by sharing food or snacks with their shelter animals which develops the mind in the future, they will make this world livable.

Makes them sympathize with others

Pets also teach your child to be compassionate and kind to others. Children with no pets at all tend to be cruel or disgusted by other animals. Raising animals gives children a gentle heart, love and understanding for others. However, children with pets such as dogs or cats are more likely to care for others. That is very good for their future lives.
The responsibility that they own as a pet gives them Have pride in themselves, also known as self-esteem and make them more mature and understand the world better than children without pets. The responsibility is due to the fact that they must pay attention to the feeding schedule and cleaning them which will make them more responsible than children in general.


Keeping children healthy

The study found that children with pets are less ill than children without pets because pets especially dogs that have to bring microbes from the outside of the house, which will be the ones that help build immunity for your children well.

The interaction with the pet. Will help your children secrete hormones Dopamine, which makes them feel happier than children in general. That is why raising a pet with your child is a good thing.

One of the dog that great with children is Samoyed.


Nevertheless your pet will have to well take care of their health according to the schedule. Such as vaccination against various diseases and scheduled parasites, etc. according to the pet health care schedule. Which will make raising that animal safe for your children and family. 

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