What are the most common worms in cats ?

The most common worms in cats We may only look at small animals. But the danger is not as small as the body

That’s right, we’re going to talk about parasites, small creatures that no one wants to see.

Because whenever we meet, it’s always a matter. whether in people or even in cats There’s also a problem. a cat with worms in it The owner may not have noticed at all. because in general Cats will experience symptoms ranging from loss of appetite to more food intake. may be thinner or stomach swelling And the most common symptom is cats plowing their butt to the floor …


Tapeworms are common in cats. There will be fleas or rats as carriers of disease. Owners may find that the segments that come out with cat feces are white pellets that resemble cucumber pellets.

This parasite is transmitted by eating fleas. or lice that have been infected And the parasite will come out and grow in the intestines of cats. normal tapeworm Will not cause diarrhea,

But if there is a lot, it can cause gastrointestinal obstruction. or deteriorate the body of the cat


Newborn kittens are usually infected with this parasite. like a puppy This is because roundworms can be transmitted from the mother cat to the offspring through the placenta. Therefore, it is advisable to deworm the kittens at the age of 1 month to deworm them.


 This parasite is found mainly in tropical areas such as Thailand. This parasite feeds on the blood of cats. It is transmitted by ingestion or ingestion through the skin. Kittens can be infected with hookworm from their mother while in the womb.

Toxoplasma parasite

toxoplasma parasite It is a parasite that is important to the health of cat owners. because it can be attached to people Can cause diarrhea in cats.

The eggs of this parasite come out in the cat’s feces. But it takes 2-3 days to be in contact.

TIPS you should know about deworming cats

deworming in cats This should be done immediately when adopting a new cat. should be dewormed both internally and externally

Internal parasites are located in the intestinal part of the cat. which may spread to the stomach

The parasite will steal food from the cat. make the cat grow slowly are stunted There may be seizures and death in a short time.

However, for kittens infected with worms from the mother cat we must observe what kind of worms they find and then bring that kind of deworming drug to the cat to eat

Deworming should be started at 2 weeks of age and dewormed every 2 weeks until the kittens are 3 months old to cut the worm’s life cycle.

Another thing to be aware of is that certain types of parasites, such as flatworms or tapeworms. Can be transmitted to cats by means of fleas as vectors, therefore, in addition to deworming You should also be able to control your fleas well. Otherwise, the cat can become infected again.