Most popular cat breeds in Thailand

Most popular cat breeds in Thailand .Today we will give you the sample of the most popular cat breeds in Thailand that most people tend to buy by selecting only the species that are often seen and well known by the cat lovers.

1. Silver Blue.

The Silver Blue Cat, also known as the Korat Cat, the Malaysian Cat, and the Dokao Cat, is one of Thailand’s auspicious cats. They have an average age of 15-20 years, the appearance is a medium-sized cat. Outstanding with short, brown or gray hair all over the body with sparkling bright eyes Out of fluorescent green or amber. The head is heart-shaped, big ears, flat set, long tail, pointed tip and slim legs. They are smart, gentle, and perverse personality and really like to cling to the owner. That can get along well with young children and other cats. But a lot of energy to play too. It can be both indoor or outdoor cat and they don’t need much care. They are so smart and it is not too hard to train them. Plus they have an excellent auditory, visual and olfactory senses.

2. Khao Manee.

2. Khao Manee.

Khao Manee is a very common cat in Thailand. It is another auspicious cat and the meaning of their name is white gems. Their average life expectancy is about 10-12 years. They are a medium size cat and characterized by short and soft hair with a clean white body. They have a big head, short heart-shaped nose, straight ears, long tail and pointed tip. The highlight of this cat is the eye color that is either blue, yellow or bicolor eyes. They are playful, friendly and very active. They are also sociable for owners, young children and strangers. It is also a cat that makes a lot of noise. Easily to take care of like the other cat.

3. Siamese.

Siamese cat is an ancient Thai cat that originated from Thailand. Their name means the diamond of the moon. They have an average age of 15-20 years. and they are a medium-sized cat having a short coat in light cream to brown color. They have sparkling bright blue eyes. And the head is proportional, the ears are erect with the tail. Their hind legs are longer and higher than the fore legs. They also have an outstanding mark with 9 dark brown fur points (on the tip of the four feet, both ends of the ears, tail, on the nose and on the genitals) which will expand when they get older. They are smart, playful and friendly. It can be both indoors and outdoors and it is good with other cats.

Scottish Fold

4. Scottish Fold.

Scottish Fold cats are originally from Scotland. It is quite difficult to breed but has been quite popular. The average of their lifespan is about 9-12 years. It is a medium sized cat that has a cute face, thick round body, round face, big eyeballs, long round tail and short folded ears which are really unique. They are playful, gentle, easy to train and can get along with children and dogs.

5. American Shorthair.

American Shorthair cats evolved from European cats that used to chase mice. Average age of this cat is around 15-20 years. Their appearance is a medium to large cat. They have a thick round body with strong short legs. Conducive to being a hunter the face is round with cheeks, round ears, big eyes and unique patterns of a beautiful straight strip mark it Also known as Silver Classic Tabby. Although they might look calm and quiet but actually they are really playful, smart, brave and friendly. And they can get along well with other people and animals and are easy to take care of.

So as you can see each one of these cat breeds in Thailand are cute and all familiar for you right. So if you are a cat lover and interested in one of them so don’t be too hesitant to take them to become one of your family members then. Definitely you will fall in love with them for sure.