6 cat breeds that suitable for people with allergy

6 cat breeds that are suitable for people with allergy . Are you an allergic person but also want to have a pet, what should you do? Let’s take a look at these cat breeds that are ideal for people who are allergic to fur. Each of the cats in this list is cute, adorable, low-shedding, low toxic production, easy to raise and extremely playful.

1. Sphynx.

The Sphynx is the most suitable cat for the people who have allergies. As it has no hair at all which helps reduce pre-adhesion or Fel d 1. They originated from Canada in the 1960s. It is a medium sized cat, their average lifespan is about 15-20 years. They are really shy, get cold easily, are clever, need lots of attention from the owner, get along well with people, children and other pets.

2. Siberians.

Siberians have a thick double coat which people might think can easily cause allergic reactions. But in fact these cats are the one kind of cat breed that is suitable for people with allergic symptoms. Because their fur has very low Fel d 1, which can cause a person to develop an allergic reaction. They are an ancient breed that were first found in the 1870s. They originated from Russia. They have long fur, have a really good cold tolerant, clever, playful, affectionate, likes to go up high and even they are not really a socialized cat but they are still friendly with the kids and other pets.

3. Cornish rex.

The Cornish rex has a soft and distinctive coat that is less likely to fall off. So they are really suitable for people with allergies or people with fur allergies as well. Their fur is similar to a poodle fur with less allergens. They are so easily taken care of and do not require much care for their fur. The Cornish Rex originated from England (since the 1950s). They have wrinkled skin, short, stubborn and patchy fur. Their personality is very cheerful, playful, inquisitive and needs lots of attention.

4. Devon Rex.

Devon Rex are pretty similar to the Cornish Rex. They has a single coat that also short and curly which makes it less shedding. It is a medium-sized cat, their weighs is about 8 pounds, their average lifespan is about 9-13 years. They have big triangular head shape, big round eyes, hooked nose, open ears that look like an elf. Their hair is short, wavy with multi-colored and very fragile. They really playful, enthusiastic personality, pretty active. They need lots of attention and also likes jumping or climbing a lot.

5. Russian Blue.

Russian Blue is another breed that does not shed or really less shedding. Thus reducing the risk of causing allergic reactions. The Russian Blue cat originated from northern Russia. It is considered an aristocratic cat because it was raised by the Royal family. They are a large size cat with big eyes, wide flat head, long body, slender, short hair, soft, thick, soft, silvery gray, without any mark. They are pretty smart and can get along well with children and other pets. It is also easy to take care of. Just brushing their fur twice a week it is enough.

6. Balinese.

This kind of breed produces really low Fel d 1 protein compared to other breeds. Therefore, it becomes a good option for people who are suffering from allergy. The Balinese is a mutated cat from Siamese cats that was first found in America. It got its name from the Balinese temple dance-like gait. They are a medium-sized cat, weighing about 8-12 kg, their average lifespan is about 8-10 years. They have a triangular head shape, the ears are spread, with prominent colors on the face and ears. They have a thin long sleek body with a multi-colored and multi-striped coat. They are really energetic and like climbing and jumping a lot.

So this is all the cat breeds that are really friendly and safe for those pet lover people who have an allergy. Keep it in mind if you really want to have a pet or a cat of your own it is still important to look up for some research to make sure that those cats are really suitable for you before making any decision.