The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat If you think that cats are just normal pets that hardly provide any benefit to owners like dogs, then you may have to go back and review again. Because today, we will give you an information that make everyone see the benefits of raising a cat from a different perspective. And somethings are beyond what everyone would expect.

 1. Cats like magic medicine to help treat feelings

Cats are pets that help people overcome difficult times, such as the loss of a lover. By discussing the problem with cats. Because the cat will not aggravate the mistake or judging you. But the cat will listen to every word you say. Therefore, cats are another aid in therapy. That will magically make the pain disappear.

 2. Cats who are smarter than dogs

Carole University In Wisconsin, revealed that after a cunning test between the cat and the dog found that cat owners are more cunning than those who have dogs. Which psychologists believe that the result should be a consequence of people who raise cats are more interested in their surroundings. It just like a cat’s behavior.

  3. Reduce the risk of heart attack

According to a study from the University of Minnesota, found that Raising cats causes less stress levels. As well as reducing the risk of heart attack as high as 40 percent.

The benefits of raising a cat

  4. Cats get along well with everyone.

The idea that dogs are better friends with people than cats is not true. Especially with women. Because studying in Switzerland found that cats can fit in with the family very well. But cats will do that to people who show compassion, affection and kindness to them first.

  5. Cat owner are more open-minded, sensitive and think outside the box.

Studies from San Francisco indicate that The personality between cat and dog owners is quite different. In which the differences arise from their pets. It was found that those who raise cats are more open, sensitive and thought-free than those who raise dogs. Which the cat’s habits also contribute.

  6. Cats have less carbon footprint than dogs.

There are also reports from news sources that caring for and feeding dogs can emit greenhouse gases or carbon footprint equivalent to cars. While cats, which are animals that eat little and the food most cats eat is fish rather than meat. Therefore resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions with the same size as a golf ball.

  7. Cats can make friends with children well.

Studies show that 81 percent of children living with cats. Tend to express feelings to cats more than friends or parents. While more than 87 percent of children see cats as their best friends.

The benefits of raising a cat

 8. Children who live with cats are skip the school less the the one not have cat.

Children who live in the same house as cats have less statistics to stop studying than other children. With an average holiday rate of approximately 9 days per year only. The reason is because people who have cats have a stronger immune system. At the same time, these children are also at a lower risk of developing ear infections.

 9. Raising a cat helps to reduce depression.

And because loving cats is unconditional love. And this love makes scientists believe that cats can help reduce feelings of depression. Anxiety or feeling pressure.

 10. Cats can help a child with autism.

After studying at the University of Queensland, it found that Autistic children living with cats tend to talk, make eye contact, and smile more than normal autistic children. That is because the gentleness of cats can fit these children well.

 11. Raising cats makes you happier.

Parenting a cat also stimulates the production of oxytocin. Or love hormones. That’s why every time when you taking care of a cat. You becoming happy to yourself as well.

  12. Cat moaning can help treat the disease.

Because the cat’s moan is in the frequency range 20 – 140 Hz, which is the frequency range that can be use to treat certain diseases, such as reducing asthma. Or helps to preserve bones and flesh.

Now you will see The benefits of raising a cat that you may never know before. Surprisingly they can be a good friend for us and they will give us a lot of advantages too. So please considering having them to your family.