Small dogs breed for the elderly

Small dogs breed

Small dogs breed for the elderly .Whether young or old dogs are consider a four-legged best friend that everyone should have. Because raising dogs has many health and mental benefits.

Whether helping to be friends to solve loneliness Helps reduce stress Helps to lower blood pressure Helps to prevent depression and anxiety.

In addition, doing activities together with dogs is also a good exercise. Therefore, this event has encouraged the elderly to turn to dogs to raise a lot. Oops, but raising dogs is not easy.

Because we have to consider the liking, compatibility, and ability of each person Including the needs and behavior of dogs.

Therefore, today we took the opportunity to gather information of Small dogs breed.

To conclude that there are species that are suitable for raising to cure loneliness for the elderly.

Small dogs breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog that is suitable for raising as a companion for the elderly. Because it is cute, easy to adapt, and also likes to come to lick. They very close to the owner and most dogs of this breed will weigh only 4-8 kilograms.

Therefore, allowing the elderly to be able to hold, tame, and also perverse. The traits are also easy to practice.  As for the care, it just needs to take to trim the hair and clean it regularly.

Small dogs breed

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the perfect dog for anyone looking for a small to medium sized friend. Because it weighs about 10-13 kilograms. It can be said that it is small and good size Enough to hold it.

But its short legs also make it look extremely cute, charming and intelligent and easy to practice separately. However, this breed has a predatory instinct. Therefore, we have to take to exercise regularly. But for the elderly Just taking a walk is enough. As for the hair and the disease, nothing to worry about.


Pomeranian (Pomeranian) is consider as a favorite dog of the small breed. Due to being very small, their weigh are only 1-3 kilograms. Can say that it can carried in a portable bag everywhere.

But even more interesting is that this dog is cute. Have a perverse and playful personality, suitable to be a friend to solve the loneliness if the elderly care at home. Guaranteed to see the dog enjoying the toys all day. While also enjoying the nap on his lap


Poodle is a dog that is intelligent, fast learning, easy to adapt to everyone, every home, making it one of the dog breeds that are popular all over the world. Moreover, you can choose the size of the poodle as needed.

Importantly, this breed also has Honest and very fascinating, the care is not complicate. Just take a walk on a regular basis. And take to trim the hair only every 1-2 months.

As you can see there are a lot of small breed dogs for raising as friends of the elderly. But don’t forget that the breed alone cannot tell whether that dog is right for us or not. Because each dog has a different personality. Therefore, we should get to know them before adopting. This is just some idea for Small dogs breed for the elderly .

Credit : จีคลับ