Dangerous diseases of dogs and cats

Dangerous diseases of dogs and cats .The owner should always observe the pets if you find that your dogs and cats showing some strange behaviors or symptoms so you should take them to the veterinarian immediately. Because that could be a sign of these deadly diseases which can result in death.

Dangerous diseases of dogs

1. Obesity

Dangerous diseases A fat, plump pet might look adorable to its owner. But it’s not really good for their health if they are overweight. Because obesity puts pets at risk of heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. So you should control their diet and taking them to exercise regularly then.

2. Heartworm

This disease is cause by mosquitoes. It mostly happens to dogs than cats. Infected dogs will experience symptoms of lethargy, shortness of breath, body weakness, and dry cough. Some of them will also bleed when coughing. Later it will swell into dropsy and eventually die. Injection treatment carries a high risk and may have fatal side effects.

3. Dental and oral diseases

Dogs and cats with bad breath are no jokes. It found to be a disease related to oral cavity such as tooth decay or gum disease. It may also lead to heart and kidney disease. For a preventive method you can give them some snacks or dental toys to chew then.

4. Viral enteritis

Inflammatory bowel dangerous diseases is a serious contagious disease that can often occur in unvaccinated puppies or kittens. The infection enters the body from direct contact with the feces of a dog with viral enteritis from eating and licking food or water contaminated with the pathogen. Infected dogs and cats suffer from lethargy, vomiting, not eating at all, and have a real bad diarrhea.

Prevention can be done by vaccination from 45-60 days of age and booster vaccination every 2-3 weeks until the age of 4 months, then booster vaccination every year.

5. Canine Distemper

It is a disease that can be found in dogs aged 2-6 months , The Canine Distemper virus is contaminated in the environment, such as in unclean dog stores, in cages, water bowls, food, or even human hands can carry the infection. The infected dog will suffer from anorexia, fever, runny nose, watery eyes, pneumonia, some vomiting, diarrhea, and pustules. Most of the time, dogs with this disease die. As there is no specific cure but it can be prevented by vaccination.

6. Rabies

Rabies is a disease that can be transmitted from animals to people.

It caused by the Rabies Virus which will cause disease in all types of warm-blooded mammals. But in most cases it will happen with most dogs. There is currently no cure. Most of the time, both animals and infected people will die, But can be prevented by vaccination.

7. Infection from ticks and fleas

Ticks and fleas, in addition to sucking blood and causing skin irritation it can be a risk of serious diseases such as blood parasites. The cause of the disease comes from the parasites in the ticks and fleas. For prevention you should always get rid of ticks and fleas in dogs and cats. Including the sleeping area and the lawn in the house.

Infection from ticks and fleas

8. Arthritis

This disease causes inflammation of the joints and bones, most often in older dogs and cats. Veterinary treatment will provide symptomatic medication. This can be prevented by controlling their weight and taking it to exercise regularly.

9. Diabetes

Dogs and cats can develop diabetes as well as people the the main cause is obesity. So we should control their weight by giving a healthy food and let them exercise.

10. Kidney failure

Kidney failure can be found in both dogs and cats. It is often detected in older cats. The cause of this disease can be caused by many factors such as age, breed, and eating habits. Animals with kidney failure suffer from depression, weight loss, coarse hair, dry bad breath, and are often symptomatic.

So as you can see most of these diseases come from food, eating habit and exercising. So we hope that you will concern about this more in order to prevent dogs and cats from these diseases.