What to do when your cat lost ?

What to do when your cat lost . No matter how cute and adorable cats are but with a built-in predator instinct makes them like to go out and live out of the house or often run away from home. So today we will give you an idea of what you need to do when your cat disappears from the house.

1. Find with a familiar scent.

If you come home and don’t find your cat like every time the first thing to do is to carefully search every nook and cranny of your home. And if you can’t find them then wear an old shirt or old pair of shoes and go out and check outside along with opening a can of food or snacks and shake gently, this will help the cat smell the owner. And makes cats hear the sound of food until returning to the owner.

2. Choose the right time.

After returning from the first search for the cat, rest and wait for the right time before you search again. Maybe in the evening as the overall atmosphere is quiet so the cat can hear you more. You should call their name in a gentle tone. Along with shaking the can of food or opening the food to let it smell repeatedly to help get attention, if the cat is actually in the neighborhood you are looking for, then it will soon appear.

3. Make a safe zone in case the cats came home.

Another thing to do while waiting for your cat to come home after it has disappeared is to put a box, crate, or large cardboard box and drill holes in the sides for the cat to allow it to enter. Then turn the box to the bottom. And put it in front of the house and put a soft bed inside, put some water and food, and put it nearby to make it a safe zone when the cat returns.

4. Check with your neighbors.

In addition to looking for cat lost by yourself sometimes it’s better to ask your neighbors. And it’s better to show them the picture of your cat so they can have an idea how it looks. Try to talk to everyone especially the girls because most of them have a higher percentage of helping to successfully find a cat.

5. Attach a banner or flyer.

Just as important as finding out, it is important to make a poster or flyer. It must have complete information and emphasize the word “ Disappearing Cat ” for the passersby to catch the eye on. And you should put the picture of a cat too. And some details such as the cat’s name, a detailed description such as color, breed, traits, where the last time was found. Then enter the phone number or social channels to contact you back down.

6. Post on social media.

Not just a notice board in the neighborhood but you should also post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or community radio. To increase the chances of seeing and opportunities for sharing.

7. Checking on a lost and found.

Another interesting tip is to check on a public announcement or a post on social media on the lost and found section. Keep looking for posts saying I’ve found a cat. A post saying that a cat was lost or a hashtag that you think will make it easier to find.

8. Stay where the cats can easily get in touch.

Try to often sit out or spend time outdoors while talking at a soft, moderate volume. In case a lost cat nearby will accidentally hear it, remember it, and eventually find the right way back. Or if someone has a dog we advise you to take the dog for a nearby walk to help him monitor and find the cat.

Additional Tip:

If you try to do everything and still haven’t found the cat anyway. Japanese people believe that you should try talking to other cats in your neighborhood, something like, “If you see my cat. Please tell them to come home, too.” Because many people who have tried this, found it worked. With the assumption that because cats read signals from people doing so helps the cat to recognize it. Which, although it looks like a strange and unreliable method, you can just give it a try.

While taking all steps will not 100% guarantee it will help to bring your cat home. But it can increase your chances to find your cat more. Other than this ideally we should put them with a collar and microchip implant. Because it will make it easier to find the cat itself.