How to keep your pet healthy all year round

How to keep your pet healthy all year round . Nowadays, many people prefer to keep dogs and cats as house pets. In keeping our pet healthy, it is necessary to pay attention to the matters of habitat, food, cleaning, etc.

In this article, we have compiled a number of ways to take care of your pets to be healthy, so that everyone can be better adapted to use as follows.

1. Take them to get vaccinated according to the age of the animal.

Since pets in the first 1-3 months have weak immunity and are vulnerable to various infections, it is very important to take them for a health check and vaccination, deworming, etc., including annual rabies vaccination. It will make dogs and cats free from deadly diseases.

2. Take a shower regularly.

On average for dogs you should give them a shower once a week and for cats should be once a month. They need to take care of brushing and clipping nails in order to avoid the accumulation of pathogens and reduce chronic skin problems.

3. Take care of proper food.

Nowadays, pellets and canned wet foods are good enough to provide dogs and cats with a complete range of nutrients. Pet owners need to study the details of the container, such as the appropriate age, type of animal, the amount that should be given each day, etc. It will allow pets to receive adequate nutrition.

4. Make time with your pet regularly.

In general, dogs prefer to be closer and mingle with people than cats. However, owners should have a pet daily 2-3 hours, especially if raised in a closed area such as a condo room, cage, etc.,. It will be at risk of high stress and will weaken the animal’s immune system.

5. Take your pet for a walk, exercise, and swimming,

which can reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease. Which duration of exercise it should also be appropriate for the age and age range and the physical strength of each animal.

6. Have a proportioned excretory area

and should promptly get rid of animal manure after animal excretion. To help reduce the problem of contamination of various pathogens and parasites.

7. Always observe abnormalities

such as anorexia, yellow eyes, pale vomiting, constipation, idiopathic diarrhea, etc., and bring them to the veterinary immediately when you notice some unusual sign to get a quick treatment.

8. Take care of the animal habitat.

Try to keep your animal habitat area clean. And keep checking around the house all the time to make sure that the area is clean and safe for them to stay or walk around. And try not to be damp around the area because it is an accumulation of mosquitoes, insects, pathogens, etc. that cause chronic diseases and death.

It can be seen that keeping pets healthy is a fundamental concern that pet owners should always pay attention to. So that the animal is healthy to stay with you for a longer time. It will make both of you and your pet happy too.