Can a pet really make you feel good ?

Can a pet really make you feel good

Can a pet really make you feel good ? Now a day pets are a part of the most family. Aside from having a friend to solve loneliness and guarding the house for us. Also helps to maintain our mental health as well. Especially when you get older and this is something to tell how your pet can help you maintain mental health.

Can a pet really make you feel good

? Brighten up your life

Raising animals is something that will give us good mental health. Because they tend to make us happy in various ways, such as when you return from work. When you open the door there is a shaking tail waiting for you. Or the cat walks in to snuggle at you. As they waiting for you for a long time.

Makes you feel important. Which is the nature of everyone who has attention. Will make you feel happy and when happy, the body releases a lot of endorphins Is a hormone that helps you feel relax and reduce stress. In addition, it also helps to stimulate the body to destroy cancer cells as well. When you are not stress and happy, it will make you look bright.

Can a pet really make you feel good

? Give love and warmth

Spending time with pets increases Oxytocin levels, which are hormones for connection. It’s like we have care for and care for someone, causing love. Makes you feel that you don’t have to worry about anything. Feeling like we were with a family, such as parents, will feel at ease. Not feeling lonely or alone.

? Helps reduce stress

When you get a good feeling, it helps to reduce Cortisol levels, which are stress hormones. Stress is like a magnet that can absorb various diseases. Come into the body and stress also shows external characteristics such as face.

If you are stress, it will make your face look dull. And the face looks old enough for young women to definitely not allow these events to happen.

? Relieve loneliness

Loneliness is something that happens to everyone, especially the elderly. Feeling like being alone causing stress. Raising animals is something that can help relieve loneliness. Because there are activities to do, whether feeding, bathing, or taking a walk. These things will make you feel like you’re not alone.

? Help with memory

Pets aside from helping to reduce feelings of uneasiness. It can also help reduce short-term memory loss. Because if you are a forgetful person. Your pet will starve or starve to do various activities. These things will help strengthen your memory that there is still another life waiting for you.

But for some people, it is a long-term memory that comes from the love and memories of pets that occur in childhood. And if you can still remember those stories, then you still have a good memory. And makes you go back to yesterday and feel good too.

Can a pet really make you feel good ? Now we think that you can give the answer to yourself now. Pet are our best friends and they can give us so many health benefits. So, it is really worth to have pet into your family.

Credit : GCLUB