How to choose the right food for your small dog

How to choose the right food

How to choose the right food for your small dog . There are many new dog owners who are wondering how it is different for small and large dogs. Many times the owner may wonder whether we should pay attention to both dogs of this breed equally or not. What is the difference? The short answer to this question is ” It different sometimes”

Small dogs have certain needs that are different from large dogs. And some matters require meticulous care as well. Especially feeding the small dogs nutrition in each meal is very important. How are small dog food different? What should  they eat and how to eat? This is an important issue in the routine of caring for this type of dog.

This article is for small dog owners to guide you on how to feed small dogs as compare to large dogs. Anything that should pay particular attention to and how should a small breed dog exercise properly

How important the size is?

The size of each breed is a very important factor in dog feeding. Which should also be related to the feeding frequency. For example, for puppies You can feed them as often as 4 times a day. Because puppies are in the process of growing up and need all the necessary nutrients.Small breed dogs have a very specific dietary need. Which must be managed to fit the size of the dog as well. You don’t want to feed small and large breed dogs with the same amount of food. Because the energy needs of both dogs are not the same.

Tips to pick the best food and How to choose the right food for your small dog .

How to choose the right food

There are a few small tips you should keep in mind. To make sure you provide the best food for the small breed dog you raise. And provide the right amount for the size of the dog.

Align the food with the proportion of the dog. Small breed dogs have a smaller stomach than large breed dogs. We should provide the right amount of food according to the size of the body.

Feeding small breed dogs with the wrong amount of food can be harmful to dogs. If given too much, it may cause the dog to become overweight. And may lead to other health problems later. You should feed the amount recommend on the back label of the product. Or ask from your veterinarian.

Small breed dogs have a smaller throat than large dogs.

Has smaller teeth and less jaw strength. That shows that they have less chewing force than large dogs. Therefore, to feed small dogs, it is necessary to inspect the size of dog food pellets first. Dog food pellet sizes must fit the dog’s oral size. And after observing, dogs can grind and chew food well without tiredness. If the dog food pellet size is too large, dogs may try to swallow the whole grain without chewing at all. Therefore, you should choose foods that are invent for small breed dogs.

You can ask your vet what the calorie intake is for the breed of your dog. And which small dog food type is right for your dog? Because the important thing is to know the dog’s diet with the right amount of calories for the dog per day.

Heavy-duty level of dog activity

When you raise a dog do not forget that nutrition of food. And exercise is important to keep in mind. In addition, providing a complete and balance dog food for small dogs. Must not forget that should be done in conjunction with the right amount of exercise as well.

Therefore, you should always take the dog to the right activity or exercise to prevent the dog from being overweight. Dogs that are overweight may be expose to many other diseases or health problems, such as high blood pressure, obesity, respiratory illnesses. And the body is not strong, weak, etc.

The intensity of the activities for each dog to do should vary according to the breed.

And the amount of exercise it different in each species. Walking exercise is the easiest way to exercise for small dogs. Or if your dog is more likely to like running around the house, so you can do many easy and fun games such as “tug of war games” or “hide-and-seek games” and “running games”

Feeding small dogs is not as complicate as you thought.

You just have to consider many factors. Careful before choosing food for dogs only Feeding proportion. Dog food pellet size Is an important factor. Because small breed dogs require more specific nutrient content. Because the body of a small dog can burn energy faster than many large dogs.

How to choose the right food

If you can find food that was invent for small dogs this would be great. Because food products for small dogs able to meet the nutritional requirements that are complete according to the principles of nutrition. Specially design to suit the size of the dog and meet the needs of each dog. When combine with the type of activity and intensity of exercise that is appropriate. You can help extend the life of your dog to be healthy in the long run. Now you know How to choose the right food for your small dog .

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