5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro

5 Tricks to groom your dog

5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro . The dog always needs grooming for cleanliness and good health. But during the period of confinement at home due to the situation of Covid-19. Causing the dog owner unable to take the dog out for a grooming service. Including animal hospitals and pet grooming shops.

This period is a good opportunity. That the dog owner will become a professional in looking after the dog by our self.

What part of the house should we do grooming?

Grooming for dogs can be done anywhere in the house. But choosing a room where dogs can’t run away or can come off. The place should be a place that the dog is able to stand stable and not slipping. Which will help the dog not to be stress while we groom for them.

And for bathing the dog, we recommend choosing a room with close doors to prevent the dog from running away. The water use for bathing should be room temperature water.

Here is 5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro

5 Tricks to groom your dog

1. Always brush their fur

You should brush your dog daily to keep their skin and fur fresh. Especially for dogs with long, double-layer fur, because these dogs will have fur coming off. If not brushing regularly, the hair will become lumpy. Also, for short hair dogs, it is also necessary to brush the fur as well. Which the dog brush will have different styles of hair style and length.

2. Fresh shower

Regular bathing for dogs will keep their skin and hair clean. But be sure the fur of the dog is not matt, because it may cause the shampoo to accumulate. Causing skin irritation and causing a skin disease. Best way is to brush the fur to make the hairs line and removing dirt first for easier bathing.

5 Tricks to groom your dog

3. Clean the eyes

The eyes are an important organ that the owner must look after regularly. If the dog has dirt build up around the eyes, don’t try to trim around the eye area. But use a small piece of cotton ball moistened with water to gently wipe carefully from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Wipes daily to help eliminate and prevent the accumulation of dirt that remains around the eyes as well.

4. Cut nails short

Many people are afraid of cutting nails for dogs, but actually cutting nails is not difficult. Start by examining the dog’s nails regularly. The dog’s nails should cut every 3-6 weeks, depending on the growth of each dog.

An easy way to see if the dog’s nails should be trim or not is you can be seen from the dog standing upright. Their nails should not touch the floor too much. If their dog nails touch the floor or the nail curls are deformed until the dog is unable to balance well. So, we should cut the nails out immediately.

By trimming nails start by observing and checking the dog’s toenails.

Which are divide into 2 distinct layers between the pink flesh and nails that are opaque the pink flesh has many nerves. If cut, this part will cause the dog to hurt. The opaque nail area is the part that does not have a vein to nourish your friends using only this opaque nail clippers. By cutting at an angle of about 45 degrees from the nail.

For dogs with black nails,

be especially careful when cutting nails. As we will not be able to see the pink flesh inside. If you are not confident in trimming your dog’s nails, it is recommend to gently trim and trim in small increments to observe that near the cut to the pink meat inside.

5. End up with an award

Every time when grooming, cleaning the dog’s body is recommend to give favorite snacks or a favorite toy for the dog. As a reward to create a positive feeling for them. To know that grooming is good not scary. And if allowing cooperation in grooming, will receive a reward in return. Which will create a good feeling for the dog including the owner as well.

So, That is all the 5 Tricks to groom your dog like a pro . Now you see it is so easy to grooming your dog right. During this difficult time you will have a new idea to taking of your dog more then.