Ringworm one of the serious disease that all the cat lover should know

Ringworm one of the serious diseases that all pet lovers should know . All pet lovers must be careful not to let your cat get a ringworm infected.

Because cat ringworm can infect humans also and then there will be a red itchy rash on the skin. It may also leave scars for a long time.

We would like to warn all pet lovers to take good care of the cats because if the cat is getting a ringworm it can also be contagious to humans too. It is a skin disease that you need to be very careful with.

What is a cat ringworm? What are the causes?

Feline ringworm is a type of skin disease in cats. It is caused by microsporum canis, which is a type of fungal that is found to be more likely to cause disease in cats than other types of infection. It can be noticed from the cat itching, patchy fur, gray scaly patches or small bumps on the skin.

The causes of fungal infections may be caused by fungi in the general environment especially in damp places. When it sticks on the cat fur and if the cat has weak immunity there is a high risk of this skin disease to happen then. But if the cat is healthy this type of fungal will simply infect the cat’s skin or fur without causing any disease.

How does cat ringworm infect humans?

Feline fungal infect humans directly through contact with the fungal. Especially those who like to hold, kiss or let the cat sleep on the bed. Which we can become infected with a cat fungal. In addition, cat ringworm is also classified as a skin disease that can be transmitted from person to person. By touching the skin of a fungal infection or wear clothes or sharing on personal items.

Cat fungus can infect humans so which groups of the people are at risk?

– People with weak immunity or sick with a disease that causes immune deficiency.

– Children.

– Elderly

What are the symptoms of cat ringworm?

Symptoms of people with feline fungal infection can be observed as follows.

– There is a red rash on the skin that looks like a scaly circle around it, and the redness continues to expand outward, a rash with clear boundaries.

– Itchy all the time.

– Symptoms will escalate when scratching. Because the fungal may infect the fingers and nails. When infected nails come into contact with other areas of the skin, they may become infected with the fungal.

– If you do not get treated properly the fungal may spread over the whole body. A red rash may leave black marks and it will take time to heal to be back to the normal.

However, cat ringworms are not very dangerous. Because it is classified as a skin disease that can be cured. It may only leave scars on our skin for about 2-3 months and it can re infect as well.

What should you do for the treatment when a person is infected with a cat ringworm?

Use fungicide.

For people with mild symptoms, 1-2 spots of red rash, doctors will treat by applying fungicides for about 3 weeks until the rash disappears.

Use the topical drug together with oral medication.

In people with severe symptoms and the rash spreads to multiple spots on the body. The doctor will give both a fungicide ointment. And oral medicine for antifungal which may take 3 weeks or more to heal.

However, if a cat is infected with a fungal infection, the cat should be treated with a veterinarian as well. And during treatment the cat should be kept in another room and cleaned around the house to get rid of the infection completely.

How to prevent cat ringworm.

1. Keep your own hygiene to be clean at all times. 2. Take care of your health.

3. Wash your hands every time after you touch the cat.

4. Check your cat’s health regularly.

5. Not too much in contact with pets.

6. Bathe your cat regularly. Then blow dry completely.

7. Keep cleaning the house and things in the house. Especially cat toys including the area where the cat is.

We would like to emphasize that you should keep grooming the pet’s fur. And if your pet has a flaky rash or hair loss, you should immediately take them to the veterinarian right away.