Dealing with neighbors’ pets that couse you problems

Dealing with neighbors' pets

Dealing with neighbors’ pets . One of the problems that bother living in a society is that neighbors are not caring for their pets to disturb or cause damage to nearby houses. As many have heard in the news, such as dogs biting children who pass by. The cat excites in the neighborhood of the neighbor’s house, for example. If anyone is facing a situation “Pet neighbors cause trouble” don’t worry. Because we have a light way to deal with the pet owners that do not care.

Take good care of pets in our home.

Everything should start with ourselves first. If you raise animals you must take care and attention on your pet. Do not let them disturb your neighbor. Whether it is sound, cleanliness, smell and care to not disturb others. For those who raise dogs, cats *** Read how to look after your beloved pets so they don’t affect your neighbors. ***

Negotiating cooperation with pet owners

Try talking to neighbors to be aware of the troubles that occur. But please be rational, calm and polite. Using emotions may not help solve problems but still cause distrust. And the neighbors may not want to improve the care of their pets or do what you request.

Ask the middleman to help negotiate.

When trying to talk, it does not work or knows that it is very difficult for this neighbor to listen and solve problems.  We should find an intermediary to help negotiate for those who live in housing estates or condos to report the problem of trouble to the juristic person. Which will send the representative to talk or make a letter to inform to solve the problem. If not living in any project or legal assistance, then it still does not work. Next, you have to file a complaint with the district office or the district official for inspect the area and made a warning letter to the neighbors.

Dealing with neighbors' pets

Rely on laws related to pets to Dealing with neighbors’ pets

When using the methods mention above and the neighbors are still ignoring the problems of pet suffering. It’s time to take legal steps.

In the event that a pet is dangerous

Regardless of whether it harms a person or property, such as breaking down a fence and chasing people, it must be recorded and recorded as evidence under Section 337 of the Criminal Code.

“Whoever controls a ferocious or beast. Give up that animal to travel alone in the way that may cause danger to persons or property. Shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one month or a fine not exceeding ten thousand baht or both “

Dealing with neighbors' pets

In the event that a pet is damaged

Whether against a person or property, such as excretion in a public place or home of another person, attacking the person biting shoes, the injured person can bring the evidence to report by virtue of the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 433.

“If damage occurs because of animals. And the owner of the animal or the person who takes care of the owner on behalf of the owner must compensate the injured party for any damage caused by that animal. Unless able to prove that them have exercised reasonable care in the treatment of the type and nature of the animal or other circumstances, or can prove that the damage must occur despite the careful use of that”

In the event that a pet is disturbing

The most common is howling dogs howl well, which is noisy, disturbing the sleep of neighbors. And the owner does not keep the pet clean until causing foul odor to disturb neighbors.

Article 16 (3) that “control dogs from causing annoyances such as causing loud noises continuously for a long time, etc.”

Article 16 (4) that

“Keep the dog’s place clean at all times. Keep the waste hygienic on a regular basis. Do not let it accumulate until it causes a foul odor to disturb those nearby. “

For people in other provinces, it must be observed in accordance with the applicable local ordinances. But there are general laws related Which can be used is the Criminal Code, Section 397

“Anyone who does anything to others that are bullying, intimidating, threatening or causing embarrassment or annoyance. Shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand baht

In fact, the pet issue is not a big issue and is not difficult to solve. How to Dealing with neighbors’ pets ? If both of us and our neighbors have understanding. Responsible for raising animals with care and cooperate well with each other. But if meeting a tumultuous neighbor, it is necessary for the relevant authorities to help manage the problem.

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