How to choosing a good cat food ?

How to choosing a good cat food

How to choosing a good cat food ? You must focus on high protein first. Because proteins are contain essential nutrients that cats cannot create on their own.

Dry cat food that will help in oral health as well, such as helping to reduce plaque. Resulting in good hearing. It also makes your cat enjoy chewing.

For those cats that have anorexia. Try to change from dry food to wet food. Because wet food will give a delicious flavor. Causing the cat to crave more food.

How to choosing a good cat food

Choose the formula specify according to the age range to match your pet. Because formulas for each age range will have different nutrients to focus on, such as kittens have to focus on the development of growth. Therefore, must focus mainly on protein in order to develop bones and muscles etc.

How to choosing a good cat food ? For your loving pet.

How to choosing a good cat food

Nowadays there are many brands that produce formulas by species to choose from. It is good if you can choose to buy according to the breed of cats that are raised. Because your cat will receive the exact nutrients according to the nutrition principles.

Cereal-free cat food is suitable for cats with digestive system problems. Or have food allergies. Therefore, you should take your animal for a health checking first. In order to know whether there are any problems that need special care or not

Foods that shouldn’t give to cats


In fact, paracetamol should not be use on any pet. Because it will cause your pet to have symptoms of depression, vomiting, abnormalities in the blood system and can cause dead.


Because chocolate contains theobromine to cause vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, shortness of breath, abnormal breathing and may eventually die.

Cow’s milk:

All dairy cow’s products are not suitable for cat. Because cats are unable to digest lactose and it may cause diarrhea.

Lean meat:

will cause diarrhea and vomiting


It is not good for both dogs and cats. Because it causes abnormal bowel systems. It is a serious that you are not able to excrete bones. And it will cause a large amount of bone fragments left in the intestine to accumulate. And must remove it by surgically only.

How to choosing a good cat food ? We hope that you know the answer for that question now. So start to taking a good care of your love one by giving them the right food. It will help them live happier and longer life.

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