Should you have dogs or cats?

Should I have dogs or cats?

This problem is often asked that between these two pets.

Should you have dogs or cats

Which one is better? And what are the differences?

Which one is better? Both types of pets are different in diet, habitat, and habits. Dog is active all the time and had a lot of energy. They does not like to be stay still, but the cat is a lazy animal. They will be perverse, especially when hungry. 

Should you have dogs or cats

If talking in the cost of raising both of animals,

it can be that the dogs will cost a lot higher than cats.

Especially bigger dogs tend to eat a lot more food, sometimes twice as much as cats do, but cats eat very little when compared to dogs. And other costs as well, such as the health care of dogs is higher than cats as well. Because dogs are social animals that do not like being stationary and often run around in mud.

Causing frequent cleaning, which is different to cats that eat and then sleep and play a little which showering or cleaning will be infrequent.


Suitable for people who want a pet that is very private.

To be used as a friend during leisure. Suitable for people with limited space within a house, townhome, or condo.

Because cats need quite a bit of space to live And they can play by themselves and the majority of their lives are eating and sleeping.

Cats can be raised in a closed system meaning no need to take them out to play

or let them go outside to play every day If raised in an open system, they can hang out at night.

Which we don’t have to take them out to walk ourselves

and they will come home when hungry or it’s time to feed them.

By the nature of the cat they will cleaning up themself so you don’t really need to give a bath for them.

Should you have dogs or cats

Cats eat less food than dog.

For a cat 5 kilos of food they may be able to stay for a whole week.

Which makes it less expensive as well.

Cats can live by themself even when you are not at home for 2-3 days. They can live alone without problems only give them a sufficient water ,food and litter box.

Cats are adorable animals. And will be with you anytime you want.

If you want a friend who stays with you everyday

And don’t need to spend too much money And play with you sometimes Cats are your answer.

Cat and dog resting together.


Suitable for people who is active all the time, likes to run and play in different parks Because dogs need to be outside to play regularly, at least every other day, for them to exercise and play, reduce stress.

Dogs are suitable for homes that have a lot of space for them to play around in the house not suitable to have dogs in a narrow condo room.

They need a  space for them to run, play or meet other dogs. Because dogs are social animals like humans, can not leave alone for days, like cats. They need much more attention than cats.

Dogs are animals that are noisy according to their instincts. But they are able to help guard the house to protect against the thieves. Thieves do not like to go to the house that has a lot of dogs. Especially large breed dogs such as Pitbull or Bang Kaeo that are fierce and scary.

Which dogs are therefore suitable for raising for a friend and as a security guard. There are many dog ​​breeds. The choice of breed that is right for you is important.

Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.

And the characteristics of each species that are quite distinct Including their health care is also different should be chosen to suit the needs of your animals.

The choice of dogs or cats depends on your own decision about which type will be suitable.

Which must consider many factors that affect the decision making in the selection, such as Space for animals to live, the budget of raising means expenses such as food, health care, vaccines, etc. 

Should you have dogs or cats

We hope that after reading this article, it will help you to choose the right pet for yourself.

credit: GCLUB