9 Toxic things for dogs and cats

Toxic things for dogs and cats

9 Toxic things for dogs and cats . “Out of ignorance,” this is probably the phrase people herds use to refer to when an incident with their pets occurs. But would it be better if this thing did not happen. Your pets should stay safe and live happily ever after. Today we brought some prohibited items that may be dangerous to pets to check together. If any home still has or places these items you should be able to keep them away then.

1. Bread.

Although bread is reputed to be food but it does not mean that it is food for pets as well. Because if a pet eats bread it will expand and swell in the stomach. Obstacles through the coronary artery and must be corrected by surgery only. Including the yeast that is a component in making bread will damage the respiratory system of pets as well.

2. Lily.

The beauty of lilies there is still a danger. Which those dangers will not affect human beings like us but it is dangerous to pets, especially cats. If the cat accidentally plays with the lily the poison in the flower will destroy the kidney system and can cause kidney failure. There are also other plants to stay away from, such as azalea, mistletoe, and ornamental plants of the Philodendron family.

3. Medicines.

Even though animals live like us, their physical healing is completely different. The same is true for medical drugs, remedies, tonics, vitamins or even people’s skin care creams. They are toxic and very dangerous to pets. Therefore, don’t put it in the way of temptation to tempt your pets.

4. Bone.

Don’t let our good intentions have to hurt your dog. Throwing bones to your dog chew and play is dangerous and can even make your dog sick. Because the bone fragments can get stuck in the throat and cause the dog to shock.

5. Chocolate.

Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts we know well. Although the taste of it is mild and soft on the tongue and relaxes. But it was Toxic as level 10 poisonous skull and crossed skulls against pets. Because chocolate contains substances that make the pet’s heart beat faster. Until causing negative effects on the body and possibly even death.

6. Floss.

Although the floss is small, it does not look very dangerous. But if the pet thinks it is a toy and accidentally eats it I can assure you that you will definitely reach the veterinarian later on. This is because the fibers of the floss can clog the intestines and cause intestinal constriction. In addition, yarn, leather, rubber, and rope are also dangerous.

7. Battery.

Try to keep the Toxic battery away from the pet because they will think it is a toy that they can bite into. And if they bite into it sharp battery fragments can cut the inside of their mouth, intestines, and stomach and cause an abscess.

8. Drying sheets.

Any home that is popular with drying sheets instead of fabric softener, you need to be careful, if you leave these items out of the way. Your naughty pet may be able to play with it. This can cause the inside of the mouth, intestines and stomach of the pet to become an abscess. Therefore, if you do not want to see a beloved animal get sick, you should be dealt with the drying sheet to be neat as well.

9. Cigarettes.

If the pet accidentally grabbed a cigarette to bite and eat nicotine can damage many internal systems of the body, causing tremors, vomiting, and even death. If you do not want to see your beloved pet suffer from illness on your own please keep it away from your pet.

Knowing this, animal lovers and pet people may be quite shocked. Because these items are not dangerous to humans. But it has a bad effect on many of our pets. If you do not want to see a sick pet, then you should deal with these items carefully. Items that are dangerous for pets don’t let your animal get sick with these dangerous items. Let’s check each other a little better. And then manage to store it away from pets