Why do we need to bring your dog for a health check?

Why do we need to bring your dog for a health check? Many of you may have seen the health checkup program of people. In which many hospitals will have a health check-up program as a package to choose from. Now people who love dogs have a question that eh! and what about the dogs?

Today we have an answer for you about why you need to bring your dog for a health check up?

The health care program in the dog. In addition to the annual vaccination, remove the parasites against heartworms and to get rid of fleas and ticks.

Nowadays it is recommended to take the dog for an annual health checked ,if we know that the dog gets sick earlier, it will increase the chance to heal the dog or improve the quality of life of the dog.

How old the dog’s age to be examined and how often do you have to take your dog for a check up?

Dog health checks can be done at any age. But it is recommended that you take your dog to be examined regularly. But dogs that are older than 5 years old, which should be taken for examination at least 1-2 times a year.

What do you need to check on your dog’s health?

Initial examination by viewing, palpation and listening, including observation of walking posture movement. Assess your dog’s figure and body shape. Measure body temperature, hair and skin health.

Checking to see if there are any lumps that have grown up or checking to see if any area is sore or not. Listening to heart and lung sounds, measure your heart rate and breathing rate.

A blood test typically checks the blood for the quantity of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, parasitic blood cells, liver enzyme values, kidney values. ​​

In case the dog is over 5 years old or if they are at risk of getting sick it may be able to measure the amount of blood sugar together to check for diabetes.

Urine tests will help to assess the ability of the kidneys. It’s also very useful to check for sediments or crystals that may turn into urinary stones. It’s recommended to have a urine test once a year in conjunction with a blood test.

Especially in dogs older than 5 years is over 7 years old, chest X-ray should be performed (maybe the abdomen) to see the size of the heart, trachea, lungs and organs

In the chest some cases abdominal may also be included.

How do I prepare my dog ​​for a health check-up?

In the case of dogs under the age of 5 years for a general physical examination you can just go ahead and bring them to do the check up. But in the case of the blood glucose measurement, it is necessary to fast / water 6-12 hours before the examination

If you want veterinarian to do a skin and coat examination , We recommended that you refrain from taking a shower at least 2-3 days before taking them for examination.