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Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor

Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . When talking about pets, many people probably think of dogs and cats primarily, right? In fact, there are some Japanese people who like to raise other animals as well, some are not animals that we generally see. But was allow to raise in the house.

Let’s see what Cute pets that Japanese people like


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

Ferret is an animal that is not afraid of people. Also, they friendly to people too. With a long body shape, furry face, chilling face. While also being an animal that does not cry and does not have to worry about taking them to the bathroom.

It is therefore very suitable as a pet for people who are not at home. And the people who live in the mansions. Because it doesn’t cry loudly so they are not disturbing others.

Caution: Ferret is a very narrow favorite animal. Be careful not to get into the crevices or below furniture in the house. Because they can crush to death. Also, when taking out of the cage be careful not to let them climb above heights. Because may fall and get hurt.

Holland Lop

Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★★

The distinguishing feature of this breed is its long and dangling ears. Which both the length of the ear and the size of the body will vary according to the species. It is a rabbit that is quite neat and sociable. While they also know where their bathroom is.

Caution: rabbits have the instinct of “nibble”, So be careful with the wires when letting them play outside of the cage. As well as being aware of items that may be chew by them.


Cute pets that Japanese people like

Friendly level: ★★★★

Among all mice Degu is the mouse that suits us the most. It has a gentle personality and doesn’t quite quarrel with one another. Plus, it’s pretty smart. You can practice various positions easily, but may need to give a little food as a reward too.

Caution: Its tail has small, cute hair, but if caught so strong that the hair falls off that may cause the skin on the tail to tear. Therefore, be careful not to touch its tail.

Guinea pigs

Friendly level: ★★★★

Guinea pigs are still gaining in popularity. Because it is a rat that eats easily and is healthy. If you put the food that they like very much on your hand, it will grab it quickly.

Caution: This species is herbivorous and somewhat shy. So, don’t try to chase after it because it can cause them to stress out.

Fancy rat

Friendly level: ★★★★

The Fancy rat is a newly hybrid breed for the purpose of raising rats. It is not afraid of people and is sociable. The people tend to put it on their palms or on the shoulders and then take to different ways of care. It is similar to hamsters. Which is another species that is easily cultivate.

Caution: because it has the ability to breed quite quickly. Therefore, you have to be careful about reproduction that may be more than necessary. In the case that you don’t want to raise so many pets.

Greek Tortoise

Friendly level: ★★★★

Greek turtles are both healthy and easily to raise. They mainly eat vegetables. So, it is easily to preparing the food for them. Because it is a terrestrial turtle, it can be easily raise in a cage or a pond with modest water. Compare to turtles that are in the water, it’s very easy to take care of their health. Therefore, It is a species of small turtle that should be raise.

Caution: Greek turtles will mainly eat the leaves of vegetables. Avoid hard-stem vegetables such as Japanese spring onions. Also, because Greek turtles have relatively stable body temperatures due to their inability to create their own body temperature. Therefore, if in a cold weather we should place the warmers nearby and the turtle will find a place that is suitable for its body temperature and lives in itself.

The Dwarf Hedgehog

Friendly level: ★★★

The dwarf porcupine is the smallest of the species. It was originally a shy animal. But is easy to raise, even a child can raise easily with people and there are also a variety of specific dwarf porcupine food for sale.

Caution: dwarf porcupines sensitive to noise and vibration. Therefore, do not let it panic.

Sugar glider

Friendly level: ★★★

Sugar glider is a squirrel that grows in a pocket like kangaroos or koalas. Usually it is an animal that is raised in a small bag but can also raise in a bag for Sugar Glider in particular. In several countries, the sugar glider is popular as an exotic pet and is sometimes refer to as a pocket pet.

Caution: Because it’s small and shy, fast movements of people can easily make them scare. So be careful of this.


Friendly level: ★★★

The Cockatoo is a small species of parrot. Although it is small, it is healthy and not too noisy. They are animals that are easily raise. Even so, it is secretly imitating the owner’s voice.

Caution: When allowing it to fly in the room, be sure to close the door and window. And they can open the cage with their beak so you have to make sure that you lock their cage securely.

Leopard gecko

Friendly level: ★★★

The leopard gecko is sociable. Can be place on the hand and taken it to various places. It likes to eat live insects such as crickets, but nowadays, there are some frozen insects to sell so you can feed them with that too. Therefore, for this pet food is not difficult to find at all.

Caution: The important thing you have to be gentle when you catching. Because if you hardly grab them they might think they get attack by something and they will shedding its tail to protect itself.

For all of this, this is an some example of Cute pets that Japanese people like for indoor . Some of them might seem to be cute for you and some of them might not. As you can see there a vary of people favorite’s pets. So, pick the one that suit your need the most to make both of you and your pet happy life.

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The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat

The benefits of raising a cat If you think that cats are just normal pets that hardly provide any benefit to owners like dogs, then you may have to go back and review again. Because today, we will give you an information that make everyone see the benefits of raising a cat from a different perspective. And somethings are beyond what everyone would expect.

 1. Cats like magic medicine to help treat feelings

Cats are pets that help people overcome difficult times, such as the loss of a lover. By discussing the problem with cats. Because the cat will not aggravate the mistake or judging you. But the cat will listen to every word you say. Therefore, cats are another aid in therapy. That will magically make the pain disappear.

 2. Cats who are smarter than dogs

Carole University In Wisconsin, revealed that after a cunning test between the cat and the dog found that cat owners are more cunning than those who have dogs. Which psychologists believe that the result should be a consequence of people who raise cats are more interested in their surroundings. It just like a cat’s behavior.

  3. Reduce the risk of heart attack

According to a study from the University of Minnesota, found that Raising cats causes less stress levels. As well as reducing the risk of heart attack as high as 40 percent.

The benefits of raising a cat

  4. Cats get along well with everyone.

The idea that dogs are better friends with people than cats is not true. Especially with women. Because studying in Switzerland found that cats can fit in with the family very well. But cats will do that to people who show compassion, affection and kindness to them first.

  5. Cat owner are more open-minded, sensitive and think outside the box.

Studies from San Francisco indicate that The personality between cat and dog owners is quite different. In which the differences arise from their pets. It was found that those who raise cats are more open, sensitive and thought-free than those who raise dogs. Which the cat’s habits also contribute.

  6. Cats have less carbon footprint than dogs.

There are also reports from news sources that caring for and feeding dogs can emit greenhouse gases or carbon footprint equivalent to cars. While cats, which are animals that eat little and the food most cats eat is fish rather than meat. Therefore resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions with the same size as a golf ball.

  7. Cats can make friends with children well.

Studies show that 81 percent of children living with cats. Tend to express feelings to cats more than friends or parents. While more than 87 percent of children see cats as their best friends.

The benefits of raising a cat

 8. Children who live with cats are skip the school less the the one not have cat.

Children who live in the same house as cats have less statistics to stop studying than other children. With an average holiday rate of approximately 9 days per year only. The reason is because people who have cats have a stronger immune system. At the same time, these children are also at a lower risk of developing ear infections.

 9. Raising a cat helps to reduce depression.

And because loving cats is unconditional love. And this love makes scientists believe that cats can help reduce feelings of depression. Anxiety or feeling pressure.

 10. Cats can help a child with autism.

After studying at the University of Queensland, it found that Autistic children living with cats tend to talk, make eye contact, and smile more than normal autistic children. That is because the gentleness of cats can fit these children well.

 11. Raising cats makes you happier.

Parenting a cat also stimulates the production of oxytocin. Or love hormones. That’s why every time when you taking care of a cat. You becoming happy to yourself as well.

  12. Cat moaning can help treat the disease.

Because the cat’s moan is in the frequency range 20 – 140 Hz, which is the frequency range that can be use to treat certain diseases, such as reducing asthma. Or helps to preserve bones and flesh.

Now you will see The benefits of raising a cat that you may never know before. Surprisingly they can be a good friend for us and they will give us a lot of advantages too. So please considering having them to your family.


Safe beautiful garden for you loving dog

Safe beautiful garden for you loving dog . For the pet lover arrange a garden or plant trees around the house you need to study that which plants are safe for dogs, some plants or flowers may be poisonous. Especially seeds, leaves or stems that cause dogs to become sick or can die. 

Since the global crisis of the Covid-19 causing each person to have more social spacing, or some having to stay at home to stop the spreading of the corona virus.

Many people have more time to stay at home, so turn to various activities to help relieve stress and make good use of free time. 

One of the most popular activities all over the world is planting trees or gardening to increase the green space to make the house look more inviting and refreshing.

Then we will introduce some good tricks for gardening to be a safe garden for dogs or Pet-Safe Garden for you. 

How to make a garden beautiful and safe for dogs? 

Choose plants that are not harmful to dogs.

If you plan to organize a garden or plant trees around the house that are safe with pets especially in homes with dogs and cats.

It is advisable to study and find out that which plants are safe for them? Some plants or flowers may be poisonous. Especially seeds, leaves or stems

Safe beautiful garden

Dr. Nancy Vail, veterinarian and director of the NorthStar Vets Veterinary Emergency Trauma & Specialty Center’s Maple Shade Hospital,

recommends safe growing plants for dogs such as Baby’s breath, African Daisy. ,

African Violets, Squash are vegetables, squash, pumpkin and melon, which are safe for dogs.

But if you want to know which tree or plant type is safe or poisonous to dogs,

you may find more information in the book.

Safe beautiful garden

Or various online sources or you can check it on the website of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) that has collected all the informations about safe and poisonous plants with dogs.

on the ASPCA Poison Control website for owners to study for safety of your pets.

The garden must be safe with the dog.

Safe beautiful garden

Do you know that poisonous plants can make dogs sick or can cause of death. Dr. Nancy Vail revealed that the poisoning caused by contact with certain plants. Can cause mild nausea to skin irritation, depression, heart problems, difficulty breathing, seizures or death.

In addition,

Dr. Nancy also recommends that in the event that the dog has an illness

or suspect that there are certain things that they should not eat  

we suggest you to collect tree samples for the inspection.

And you should take your dog to see a veterinarian or emergency veterinary hospital for immediate treatment.

And it’s not only just the plants in the garden that can harmful to dogs. But other elements such as mulch, fertilizer, herbicides or insecticide may also can harmful to dogs as well. Therefore you must use them with caution.

Although some trees may at risk for dogs to get sick.

But you can avoid to keep your dogs safe

by making a garden beds or planting gradient trees in the garden to prevent dogs from entering the area.

Also, when taking your dog for a walk in the garden,

you may use this opportunity to put on a leash to walk.

In order to practice the rules in non-leash and prevent the dog

from eating any plants as well as having to keep them clean. 

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Small dogs breed for the elderly

Small dogs breed

Small dogs breed for the elderly .Whether young or old dogs are consider a four-legged best friend that everyone should have. Because raising dogs has many health and mental benefits.

Whether helping to be friends to solve loneliness Helps reduce stress Helps to lower blood pressure Helps to prevent depression and anxiety.

In addition, doing activities together with dogs is also a good exercise. Therefore, this event has encouraged the elderly to turn to dogs to raise a lot. Oops, but raising dogs is not easy.

Because we have to consider the liking, compatibility, and ability of each person Including the needs and behavior of dogs.

Therefore, today we took the opportunity to gather information of Small dogs breed.

To conclude that there are species that are suitable for raising to cure loneliness for the elderly.

Small dogs breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog that is suitable for raising as a companion for the elderly. Because it is cute, easy to adapt, and also likes to come to lick. They very close to the owner and most dogs of this breed will weigh only 4-8 kilograms.

Therefore, allowing the elderly to be able to hold, tame, and also perverse. The traits are also easy to practice.  As for the care, it just needs to take to trim the hair and clean it regularly.

Small dogs breed

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the perfect dog for anyone looking for a small to medium sized friend. Because it weighs about 10-13 kilograms. It can be said that it is small and good size Enough to hold it.

But its short legs also make it look extremely cute, charming and intelligent and easy to practice separately. However, this breed has a predatory instinct. Therefore, we have to take to exercise regularly. But for the elderly Just taking a walk is enough. As for the hair and the disease, nothing to worry about.


Pomeranian (Pomeranian) is consider as a favorite dog of the small breed. Due to being very small, their weigh are only 1-3 kilograms. Can say that it can carried in a portable bag everywhere.

But even more interesting is that this dog is cute. Have a perverse and playful personality, suitable to be a friend to solve the loneliness if the elderly care at home. Guaranteed to see the dog enjoying the toys all day. While also enjoying the nap on his lap


Poodle is a dog that is intelligent, fast learning, easy to adapt to everyone, every home, making it one of the dog breeds that are popular all over the world. Moreover, you can choose the size of the poodle as needed.

Importantly, this breed also has Honest and very fascinating, the care is not complicate. Just take a walk on a regular basis. And take to trim the hair only every 1-2 months.

As you can see there are a lot of small breed dogs for raising as friends of the elderly. But don’t forget that the breed alone cannot tell whether that dog is right for us or not. Because each dog has a different personality. Therefore, we should get to know them before adopting. This is just some idea for Small dogs breed for the elderly .

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Health benefit for having pets

Health benefit

Health benefit for having pets Nowadays, it cannot denied that pets have become more important to our lives. Because our society has changed from a large family with many members into a single family. From rural society to urban society. 

Health benefit

When social conditions change from the original, resulting in loneliness and stress affecting the mental state of the person. One thing that will replace and look after your mind the most is probably various pets such as dogs, cats, fish.

Humans have known dogs as pets in the family for about 12,000 years ago. Cats have come to live in the house 5,000 years ago. 

Health benefit

Psychologists often ask: Why do we like pets?

One accepted answer is that having a pet reinforces the natural feeling of people that there is still love and good wishes for other living.


What are the health benefit for having pets? 

Not long ago one British psychologist found that people who raise cats or dogs. Usually do not get sick, headache or backache. And people who have pets have less cholesterol in the blood than people without pets. That means dogs and cats give the owner a less chance of heart disease.


In addition, psychologists believe that Pets play a role in enhancing emotional stability for the owner. Because even if it can’t be spoken It never lied never criticize its owner, they listen, they understand it, they do not ask, they do not doubt, they honest, so they are a very necessary “friend” for some people.


Pets have many benefits, whether psychological or physically. Makes the mind gentle, kind, make the body healthy and exercise in taking them to play. Now you know that we can get so many Health benefit for having pets so go ahead looking for a pet for yourself what are you waiting for.


Popular dog breed will be which one?

Which dog breed is the most popular pet of the year? The American Kennel Club (AKC) every year at an annual list of the most popular breeds of Americans is published.


Let’s go check it out.

Popular ranking in the top 10 ranking

 American Labrador Retriever Ranking Results Ranking 2019 –

Labrador Retriever Dogs Continue to be the number one champion for 29 consecutive days.


Ranking 2nd and 3rd are German Sunjapan. Shepherd and the Golden Retriever respectively.

The other ranks are arranged as follows: French Bulldog, Bulldog, Poodle, Beagle, Rottweiler, German Shock Hair, Predator and 10th is Pembroke Welsh Corgi,

Kick off the Yorkshire Terrier to come out. 


The people that breed this dog all say that the Labrador Retriever dog is intelligent dog because they have a stable mood and can practice easily importantly and it is also a dog that has sports qualifications. 

One of the cutess dog we suggest is Samoyed

And whether land or water Suitable for raising with children this all-round quality has made it the most popular dog breed for over three decades.


because all of this reason Labrador dog all-round quality has made it the most popular dog breed for over three decades.

Not only this, even Russia’s President Putin has his favorite dog as a Labrador dog. It is named Koni, a black female Labrador dog given by General Sergei Soi Gu when In the year 2001, one time, Kony followed Putin to welcome Mrs. Angela Merkel, German female prime minister. 

But Mrs. Merkel is a person who is very afraid of dogs It turns out that he greeted Mrs. Merkel closely. Causing Mrs. Merkel to sit tight and stiff.


Now you know which dog breed is the most popular pet of the year

and if you consider to have them into your family we think you make a right decision.

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Advantages of having a pet as your child friend

child friend , Advantages of having a pet as your child friend. Raising pets within the house is so popular today, especially homes that have only one kid.

child friend
child friend

In which your child can use pets as their friend. Aside from being a lonely there are many advantages that make raising animals with your child more useful than you think.

Today we will show you all the advantages that you will get from having a pet to be a friend for your child.

Here is an advantages of having a pet as your child friend

child friend

Pets are good friends.

When your child is lonely and bored especially if it only 1 child in the house that most of them do not have friends to play. With a small pet in the home, it will make your children have a little play friends, helping them to know the love of living with others. And you will see them grow together which will make the relationship of your child and the pet stay forever.

Pets are good playmates.

Because your pet and children are the same age They likes to play naughty. Especially small dogs Who like to run around the house or in the garden with children and that will help him to be both healthy and strong. They will run and play tirelessly. Studies have shown that dogs that are more active is have a better health. 

child friend

Pets help your children grow up to be responsible people. Bountiful mind.

Responsibility to others that your child will learn from feeding their pets. Which is an activity that allows them to learn about living and know responsibility for important tasks as you assign. Until creating a good character when growing up. Which will enable them to be able to live normally in society. And learning to have a generous mind by sharing food or snacks with their shelter animals which develops the mind in the future, they will make this world livable.

Makes them sympathize with others

Pets also teach your child to be compassionate and kind to others. Children with no pets at all tend to be cruel or disgusted by other animals. Raising animals gives children a gentle heart, love and understanding for others. However, children with pets such as dogs or cats are more likely to care for others. That is very good for their future lives.
The responsibility that they own as a pet gives them Have pride in themselves, also known as self-esteem and make them more mature and understand the world better than children without pets. The responsibility is due to the fact that they must pay attention to the feeding schedule and cleaning them which will make them more responsible than children in general.


Keeping children healthy

The study found that children with pets are less ill than children without pets because pets especially dogs that have to bring microbes from the outside of the house, which will be the ones that help build immunity for your children well.

The interaction with the pet. Will help your children secrete hormones Dopamine, which makes them feel happier than children in general. That is why raising a pet with your child is a good thing.

One of the dog that great with children is Samoyed.


Nevertheless your pet will have to well take care of their health according to the schedule. Such as vaccination against various diseases and scheduled parasites, etc. according to the pet health care schedule. Which will make raising that animal safe for your children and family. 

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homeless animals

Adopting homeless animals or fostering homeless pets is a good choice for you. If you are looking for a pet, a dear friend.

Whether a dog or a cat, in order to become a friend, or become a playmate in the house, finding a pet is a good way.

And it even better if you adopt a homeless animal instead of buying them from a pet store. 

adopting homeless animals

By finding a pet, this method is the most suitable way to help you find a little friend to relieve loneliness as well.

With many advantages of it Which you have saved one life.

To have a warm home which they have been waiting for so long.
The advantages of adopting homeless animals to raise are

adopting homeless animals

1. You don’t have to pay for having those homeless animals.

If you are buying a breeding animal for sale, which is the existence of the breeding farm, the owner of the farm may not look after well and see them as money pumps which is not good as if they were dealing with life. Take a life to make a profit. How sad it is.

2. Most pending pets in animal shelters have some training.

Which at least practice how to go to the bathroom, eating food without spilling, so they are more suitable to adopt than buying a pet.

adopting homeless animals

3. Animals that are raised for sale are for the seller or trader to make a profit from their lives.

May have health problems from breeding Improper living Giving them a poor life. But the animals from the shelter is for foster care are animals that are left homeless or want to find a home because the original owner could not raise. Which they have no health problems they are ready to be adopted without worrying about their current health.

4. Animals that you can sponsor from an animal shelter there are many types, ages, sizes, and varieties to choose from to suitable you.

If you like any animal, you can immediately adopt a foster care.

5. Breeding pets for sale is one of the legal torture because farm owners see them as machinery-like resources.

Responsible for breeding Then pump the balls out for them to sell, regardless of how old they are Which is a shameful act and the most selfish.

6. Pets that are waiting to be adopted.

Most of them have already been vaccinated, except for those whose age is not  ready yet. So you can trust.

7. Adoption of homeless animals. In addition to helping the poor animals to have a home.

You can also help make more space in the shelter to accommodate other homeless animals.

8. Adopting homeless pets can improve your mental health.

And makes you feel more proud of yourself.

9. Accepting homeless animals pets from animal shelters, staff members are on hand to give recommendations

In parenting and how to take care of those animals even if you are a beginner.

Accepting a pet from a shelter near your home is the most convenient way for you to receive good advice for looking after your pet. And allowing you to help those animals to be happy life.


Should you have dogs or cats?

Should I have dogs or cats?

This problem is often asked that between these two pets.

Should you have dogs or cats

Which one is better? And what are the differences?

Which one is better? Both types of pets are different in diet, habitat, and habits. Dog is active all the time and had a lot of energy. They does not like to be stay still, but the cat is a lazy animal. They will be perverse, especially when hungry. 

Should you have dogs or cats

If talking in the cost of raising both of animals,

it can be that the dogs will cost a lot higher than cats.

Especially bigger dogs tend to eat a lot more food, sometimes twice as much as cats do, but cats eat very little when compared to dogs. And other costs as well, such as the health care of dogs is higher than cats as well. Because dogs are social animals that do not like being stationary and often run around in mud.

Causing frequent cleaning, which is different to cats that eat and then sleep and play a little which showering or cleaning will be infrequent.


Suitable for people who want a pet that is very private.

To be used as a friend during leisure. Suitable for people with limited space within a house, townhome, or condo.

Because cats need quite a bit of space to live And they can play by themselves and the majority of their lives are eating and sleeping.

Cats can be raised in a closed system meaning no need to take them out to play

or let them go outside to play every day If raised in an open system, they can hang out at night.

Which we don’t have to take them out to walk ourselves

and they will come home when hungry or it’s time to feed them.

By the nature of the cat they will cleaning up themself so you don’t really need to give a bath for them.

Should you have dogs or cats

Cats eat less food than dog.

For a cat 5 kilos of food they may be able to stay for a whole week.

Which makes it less expensive as well.

Cats can live by themself even when you are not at home for 2-3 days. They can live alone without problems only give them a sufficient water ,food and litter box.

Cats are adorable animals. And will be with you anytime you want.

If you want a friend who stays with you everyday

And don’t need to spend too much money And play with you sometimes Cats are your answer.

Cat and dog resting together.


Suitable for people who is active all the time, likes to run and play in different parks Because dogs need to be outside to play regularly, at least every other day, for them to exercise and play, reduce stress.

Dogs are suitable for homes that have a lot of space for them to play around in the house not suitable to have dogs in a narrow condo room.

They need a  space for them to run, play or meet other dogs. Because dogs are social animals like humans, can not leave alone for days, like cats. They need much more attention than cats.

Dogs are animals that are noisy according to their instincts. But they are able to help guard the house to protect against the thieves. Thieves do not like to go to the house that has a lot of dogs. Especially large breed dogs such as Pitbull or Bang Kaeo that are fierce and scary.

Which dogs are therefore suitable for raising for a friend and as a security guard. There are many dog ​​breeds. The choice of breed that is right for you is important.

Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.

And the characteristics of each species that are quite distinct Including their health care is also different should be chosen to suit the needs of your animals.

The choice of dogs or cats depends on your own decision about which type will be suitable.

Which must consider many factors that affect the decision making in the selection, such as Space for animals to live, the budget of raising means expenses such as food, health care, vaccines, etc. 

Should you have dogs or cats

We hope that after reading this article, it will help you to choose the right pet for yourself.

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Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed is the best friend for your family?

The answer is YES.  SAMOYED is the sweetest dog in the world.

Samoyed the best friend

Samoyed the best friend.

Sweet white fluffy with a smiley face Samoyed is the one famous dog that everybody will be falling in love with. Those smiley faces made them look super cute and friendly. They are good for the entire family and of course for the kids also.

Samoyed has another name that people like to call them is “SAMMY” they were originally from Siberia. First, they were bred for hunting, herding, and haul a sled but since they are so friendly and royalty so they become one of the best choices for the Family’s dog. Till this day they remain the delightful playmates and faithful protectors for the children

Samoyed the best friend

By the nature of the Samoyed, they are so easy to adapt themself to any circumstances and environment. They can be both working dogs or housemates dog.

Samoyed has a really good sense to know when you are happy, sad, mad they even know who is really loved them or who is really dislike them and they will return their love accordingly. When they need your attention they will be cuddling you with those cute eyes and nose. That nose will press softly on your arm and that paw will touch you. Your heart will be melting for those eyes. It really hard to resist the cuteness from them.


One thing you should know before you make a considering having a Samoyed as your best friend for your family

is how to take good care of them. Grooming is one of the basic requirements for Samoyed. Since they originate from one of the coldest places in the world. Samoyed does have double-thick layers of their fur. Those furs help them to protect all kinds of extreme weather to get into their body. Those fur help make them survive but in the other way, those fur needs more work to take care of.  

Samoyed regularly shedding twice a year and they need to be brushing for almost every day to protect from the fur crumping. Brushing also helps to clean all the dirt from them to make them look presentable grooming and it good for their health. They don’t need to take that much bath but at least twice a year should be enough for them.

Now you might thinking that should you have them into your family?

 If you are ready…….GO FOR IT. For sure if you meet them one time you will love them with all of your heart.  

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